Republicans don't know how to govern

The Latest Republican Ruse

At a time when Dolt 45 and his Republican buddies seem hell bent on driving all of the sane citizens of the world completely crazy, it is well to state the blindingly obvious just to clarify what was, a mere year ago, still consensus reality. That reality certainly had major flaws, but the Republican substitute is yet far worse, so we should not allow it to take hold.

The latest Republican assault on reality comes in the form of a full court press by Dolt 45 and Party leaders in Congress to put blame for any government shut down onto the Democrats.

Rule number one for U.S. “conservatives” is never take any responsibility for yourself.

The current claim, of course, is rank nonsense.

The Democrats are insisting that the continuing resolution, which would provide funding for government operations for the immediate future and prevent a shut down, also include a provision protecting persons who have participated in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program, whom we call “Dreamers.”

Republicans want to exclude that issue from the continuing resolution on the budget.

Republicans have majorities in both Houses of Congress. They control what bills come up for a vote. They do not have sixty Senators, so they cannot overcome any filibuster by the Democrats. At a minimum, in order to try to blame the Democrats for a shut down, they would need to bring the bill up for a vote in both Houses, get it to pass the House, then let the Democrats filibuster if any of them so chose.

At the moment, it appears that the Republicans want to try to blame the Democrats without taking those elementary steps. One suspects that the reason why they want to avoid just passing the bill in the House and finding out how the Democrats respond in the Senate is that the right wing rump of Republicans in the House has announced that they do not support the continuing resolution.

Apparently the crazy caucus in the House wants to increase defense spending yet further, which is insane on its own terms.

But the point everyone should bruit to the heavens is that the only reason why we’re arguing over a continuing resolution at this juncture is that the Republicans, after controlling both Houses of Congress for three years and the presidency for one, have yet to return to a regular budgeting process.

Republicans simply do not know how to govern.