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Lasers Vs. Russia/China

Both Russia and China are fielding hypersonic missiles, which is scary given that it makes our ships, planes, and tanks into sitting ducks. But, there may be a bit of good news in the offing. Missiles can be hypersonic (i.e., fly faster than Mach 5), but nothing moves faster than light. Papa Einstein told us that a long time ago.

And that means missile defenses using electromagnetic radiation …light, microwaves, etc. … can outperform even the faster projectile. And, the U.S. military is working right now on just such devices. The Navy is currently developing lasers meant to defend its ships from Russian and Chinese threats, and the Army even wants to put anti-missile lasers on its Stryker wheeled fighting vehicles.

Of course, these are still weapons in development, and we don’t know how well they’ll work against all possible threats. But, still, let’s hope that they generate a little unease in China and Russia.

Now, if we could just figure out a way to counter their most deadly weapon — specifically, that puppet in the White House.