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Kushner Loses Security Clearance

In what could be the beginning of a major shake up in the Trump Whitehouse, Jared Kushner has reportedly been denied a high-level security clearance by Chief of Staff, John Kelly. This comes after weeks of wrangling between Kelly and the president’s son-in-law.

This could be a fatal blow to Kushner’s career. He has been serving as a kind of personal liaison between Trump and the world. Now, however, it is hard to see how he can continue in his role of unofficial diplomat without the ability to see even basic classified documents.

It could also be the beginnings of a major realignment within the Whitehouse itself. Kushner was not the only one playing fast and loose with clearances. His wife, Ivanka, has also been given high-level tasks, and also hasn’t had the necessary clearance.

In short, this could be the endgame for the Kushner-Ivanka domination of the oval office. Just as they outmaneuvered (or at least out-lasted) the Bannon-Priebus axis, so now they seem to have been bested by Kelly.