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Ku Koch Klan Supports Neo-Confed Professors

Looking for yet another reason to hate and fear the Koch Brothers and their massive, anti-democratic political machine? Okay, how about this? Alex Kotch writes in The Nation that Charles Koch’s The Koch Foundation is funding “neo-Confederate” and even white-supremacist professors on University campuses across the country.

In How Charles Koch Is Helping Neo-Confederates Teach College Students, Kotch notes that “A new report from activist group UnKoch My Campus … details an array of instances where Koch has funded neo-Confederate scholars—a largely unnoticed aspect of the Koch Industries CEO’s ambitious project of funding higher education. Most alarming is a collaboration between Florida Atlantic University, the Charles Koch Foundation, and a major private-prison company, which is led by a professor who was a member of the research arm of a white-nationalist hate group.”

Neo-Confederate-ism is a catch all term for a variety of related ideologies that argue that the slave-holding antebellum South wasn’t that bad. One group, the League of the South, argues for a second secession to create a Southern American nation ruled by whites only.

So, there you have it. As if the Koch Brothers’ ideal of “economic liberty” wasn’t scary enough, we now know that it might include the liberty to own slaves.

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