Kindergarten Rules for Survival 
 - Liberal Resistance

Kindergarten Rules for Survival 

by Marc Keyser

Don’t poop where you eat.

Don’t fool with Mother Nature.

Don’t let greedy, rich people plunder our natural resources, impoverish people, pollute our environment, and make our planet as barren and uninhabitable as Mars.

Never trust a politician who takes big donations from big industries that pollute.

Love your neighbor as your yourself, and always tax the rich and make sure pay their share of the tax burden so the government can address the big issues like saving the planet from Global Warming, educating young people, making sure everyone has healthcare and a place to stay and food to eat.

God put mankind in charge of the world, and it’s our responsibility not to pollute the planet and make it uninhabitable … because we live here.

Stop big banks from financing the fossil fuel industries that are big polluters.

Don’t let the rich destroy the planet then build bubble cities for the rich, and leave millions of people outside to die in the extremes of hot and cold and violent storms where little food grows and water is scarce and people struggle to survive.

Always remember, when you are good to mother earth, mother earth is good to you, and everyone is happy.