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Keep Resisting: The Crimson Fascist Tide is Slowly Shifting

It does appear that Russia is slowly losing it’s control over our democracy through it’s installed puppet state, the Trump Administration.  Currently, more Americans are supporting the impeachment of Donald Trump than actually approve of him as “president”.   A very low percentage of Americans now have any confidence in Trump’s ability to be President.  This only makes sense as the public is becoming increasingly aware of the psychological games he plays, his treason, and his incompetency.  

Blame for the government shutdown fell squarely where it belonged directly on Donald Trump.  While he is an excellent blame shifter (as nothing is EVER his fault, according to him) his sphere of influence is shrinking and Don the Con is no longer near as effective at his con games.  While millions have knows he’s a liar and a sketchy businessman for years, the rest of American is finally slowly realized this.  

I was hesitant to write this because I don’t want to give people a reason to stop resisting; however, this is meant to be motivational and to let people know that resisting has caused this slow moving fascist coup d’etat, installed by Russia (known as the Trump administration), to start slowly losing it’s stranglehold on America.  

I believe we are at the point that if Mueller drops the next bomb and all or most of Trump’s family is arrested then Trump’s ratings will continue to further plummet.  At some point his ratings will be so low any Republicans that haven’t been involved in Trump’s criminal conspiracy will hopefully stop backing him and he will realize he no longer has the votes in Congress to continue his presidency.  Nixon resigned shortly after he was told he no longer had to votes to remain president.

Trump’s fear games just simply aren’t working effectively.  He can talk all he wants about Muslim prayer rugs found on this side of the border, but the American people know it is just complete utter bullshit and lies.  It’s also been recently revealed what he was actually talking about was the plot of a movie.  Any decent psychiatrist would lock a patient like Trump up for observation upon realizing he has no ability to distinguish fact from ficton.  The concern would be is he even functioning at a high enough level to be able to care of himself?  Maybe he needs to also talk to a psychiatrist about his imaginary border wall in San Antonio.  Maybe a doctor could do us all a favor and find Trump a nice padded room.

Trump knows his conservative base’s brains responds more to fear, and it just simply isn’t working like it did a year or two ago.  Here’s an idea for the media.  Maybe they should start concentrating on when Trump does actually tell the truth. That is a way more manageable number to count than the lies.  It would be interesting to know the truth/lie ratio.  Currently now they are only counting the lies.  Even that ratio would be misleading though because an irrelevant truth like the sun is shining would then be followed by some huge lie like Santa Anna and a group of Mexicans on horseback are heading straight for the Alamo.

Even though things seem to finally be moving in a positive direction, Keep resisting and remember the Trump administration is like a bad fungal infection. If you don’t keep on it until it is completely gone, it will desperately keep trying to come back and make your skin crawl again.