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Kavanaugh Again!

Kavanaugh Again! Yes, he’s now on the US Supreme Court, so most of the public has lost interest in this man after the initial furor had died away. Not I! I have been following his votes carefully.

The most recent ruling on the so-called abortion clinics – actually these clinics provide general health care for women, many of whom would be unable to afford such care through other services – which, thanks to Chief Justice Roberts, prevented the recent challenge to the continued existence of these clinics (in Louisiana this time) under a blatantly obvious subterfuge. This time, Kavanaugh wrote the dissenting opinion which none of the other conservative Justices supported (so he was a minority of one!). Since we now have his spurious reasoning in writing, we have one more indication of Kavanaugh’s disrespect for women! Both Kavanaugh’s nemesis – Christine Blasey Ford – and that of Clarence Thomas – Anita Hill – were the ones who high-lighted these men’s disrespect for women before their confirmation to serve on the Supreme Court. Had I the magical power, both of these men would be summarily booted off this Court whose reputation has been sadly tarnished.

For a careful exposition of Kavanaugh’s recent opinion, see here:

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