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Just 25 Men…

Interesting article over on USA Today: 25 men voted to ban abortion in Alabama. Do they reflect the rest of America? by Alia E. Dastagir. In it, Dastagir notes that only twenty-five white males, most of them older, managed to pass the law in Alabama that made abortion a near 100% illegality. (Admittedly, it was a white woman, Kay Ellen Ivey, who as governor signed the bill, but that’s another story.)

But, asks Dastagir, exactly how well do those twenty-five actually represent the opinions of most Americans? The answer, almost not at all. According to most polls, the vast majority of us support a woman’s right to choose, particularly in cases of rape and incest. That’s true even among Republicans and Catholics.

Why all this is particularly important is, of course, that the Alabama law assumes that it is universal. That is, a Alabama resident who goes elsewhere for a termination can still be, in theory, hunted down by the state’s police forces and punished. In fact, there’s an interesting question as to whether Alabama might believe that it has the right to intervene in terminations everywhere and anywhere. Given the vagueness of the law, Alabama’s police might someday show up on the doorstep of anyone in America, or maybe, the world, to enforced “the law.”

Which is an awful lot of power to give to twenty-five men who don’t represent the beliefs of the world.