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John McCain’s Final Message…Never Quit and Never Surrender

…To the Russians and Trump

                                   By Marc Keyser,

In his last words to the American people, John McCain wanted us all to remember that we are Americans and we don’t quit or surrender to Trump and the Russians who control him.

Donald Trump is coming off his worst week in office… and it’s going to get much worse. Several of his top people are making plea deals with federal prosecutors because they don’t want to go to jail for covering up the growing list of crimes Trump has committed. There were sixteen guilty verdicts and pleas, multiple immunity deals, and the revelation that one of Trump’s associates, David Pecker at the National Inquirer was keeping records of Trump’s sex scandals in a vault… and now he’s trading the evidence for immunity.

Two of Trump’s longtime employees, Michael Cohen and Allen Weisselberg, cut deals with special counsel Mueller to avoid going to prison. Collectively, they have a great deal of inside information on many of Trump’s illegal dealings. Trump has few allies left, and he doesn’t know if he can trust them anymore. The people surrounding Trump are like rats desperately deserting the ship while get-out-of-prison-life-raft-plea-deals are still available.

The Mueller’s federal investigation and the trials in state courts are snowballing into an avalanche moving downhill with increasing speed and ferocity until everything crashes at the bottom. The list of indictments, arrests, convictions and immunity deals against Donald Trump are growing. Last week was bad, but the weeks ahead are going to be much worse as more of his crimes are exposed and more of Trump’s closest allies rat him out for immunity.

Now that Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been convicted on 8 counts of tax and bank fraud that carry a sentence of up to 80 years in prison with two more upcoming trials to go, Manafort might be ready testify against Trump for a plea deal to avoid spending the rest of his life in prison.

Trump is trapped and growing more and more desperate. He is threatening to pardon Manafort, even though White House attorney Don McGahn is threatening to quit if he does. Pardoning Manafort is likely to galvanize public opposition on a very large scale.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s tv lawyer, tweeted a direct threat to special counsel Mueller:

“We will have to admit you (Mueller) were fair. And we will.” For anyone, this behavior is reprehensible. But for a former Department of Justice employee and uber prosecutor of the Mafia and other assorted ne’er-do-wells, it is breathtaking in its audacity and in its content. Just a few days before 60-day run-up to 2018 elections. If Mueller wants to show he’s not partisan, then issue a report on collusion and obstruction. They will show President Trump did nothing wrong.

What Giuliani tells us with this senile gibberish, is that only if Mueller produces reports in the next week completely vindicating Donald Trump will special counsel Mueller have been deemed by the president to be “fair.” In other words, Mueller should not investigate, just vindicate, and absolve Trump of all his crimes… starting with treason.

We must not allow this to happening. We must focus public pressure on Trump Republicans in Congress to impeach Trump, and then Mueller can prosecute him in federal court for high crimes and treason.

We will Never Quit and Never Surrender to the Russians and Trump.

Join the International Prayer Vigil to shut down Bank of America Merrill Lynch and put the fear of God into this Republican controlled Congress until they impeach Trump… or lose Bank of America.

We call Bank of America Merrill Lynch, block their phones with our prayers, and shut them down with peaceful, non-violent, non-cooperation on a mass scale. We disrupt business as usual at Bank of America and their stock brokers Merrill Lynch with our prayers and our condolences at their funeral to convince Congress to impeach Trump. We call the bank constantly, and we social network to activate activists around the world to join calling to pray. We hold an International Prayer Vigil to block their phones, put their business on hold and let Bank of America and Congress do the redemptive suffering.

Remember when Mahatma Gandhi for a National Day of Prayer and Fasting in India to defeat the British Empire? The simple act of millions of people staying home to pray paralyzed the government. That was the beginning of “prayer” as a means of enlightened, peaceful, non-violent, non-cooperation on a massive scale to bring the British government to its knees.

The Prayer Vigil with the power to impeach Donald Trump.

Together, we call the nearest Bank of America Merrill Lynch and pray for them (or curse them as the case may be.) We call in solidarity, in righteousness by the thousands, by hundreds of thousands, by the millions, and flood their phones with our prayers and disrupt their business with our condolences for their demise. We call Bank of America to repentance and shut them down until they repent and Congress Impeaches Trump.

We have a Constitutional guarantee of Freedom of Religion, and no one on earth can rightfully question our inalienable, God-given right to use our phones to Call and Pray for Bank America. If Bank of America and Merrill Lynch can’t answer the phones fast enough to clear the lines and their business begins to fail and they face bankruptcy that’s the wages of sin. That’s Devine Justice.

We are the Resistance Movement

Call these sinners, these money changers, these corrupt corporate criminals at Bank of America Merrill Lynch to repentance. They can repent and meet our righteous demands, or they can remain steadfast in their sins and let their business can go bankrupt. It’s their choice.

What you can do?

Begin by organizing a Prayer Circle to call the nearest Bank of America in your city. Activate people on social media to call Bank of America and pray for these sinners who worship MAMMON and are consumed by greed and corruption. Use your smartphone to network and make The Prayer Vigil Against Trump go viral on the Internet.

Shut down one Bank of America in one city to make international news and ignite a Global Phone Protest in cities around the world to disrupt Bank of America’s vast financial empire and cost them a bloody fortune… should they chose not to lend a hand in convincing Congress to impeach Trump.

The Resistance is a worldwide community connected by the Internet where all people of all religions, all faiths, all races around the world with phones are welcome to join in calling Bank of America Merrill Lynch to pray for them and give them our best wishes. In the US, call Bank of America. In the UK and Canada, call Merrill Lynch. No international crime syndicate on earth needs our prayers more than Bank of America Merrill Lynch to clean up their corruption and force them to break up Bank of America and Merrill Lynch.

When we call and pray together in solidarity, we become a tsunami wave of Protest on the phones, a force of reckoning, a might army of Lord descending upon Wall Street trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;

Calling Bank of America Merrill Lynch en mass to pray and occupy the phones, we can break them up and put the fear of God into Congress to impeach Trump.

We will Never Quit and Never Surrender to the Russians and Trump.

Call and pray for this den of thieves at Bank of America, these ungodly bankers and stock brokers possessed by demons, these money changers in the great Temple on Wall Street where they worship MAMMON and are consumed by greed. Call and kill them with kindness.

Call and pray for their lost souls. Disrupt their communications, put their corrupt criminal enterprise on hold, and cost them a bloody fortune with our prayers and best wishes. Shut down Bank of America Merrill Lynch with an outpouring of Prayer Calls until depositors start a run on the bank and investor panic and crash their stock… if Bank of America chooses not to use their influence with Congress to impeach Trump.

Apply the teachings of Jesus. Love thine enemies, and if they smite you on the right cheek, turn the left cheek to the phone.

Burn their bacon and put the fear of God into Congress. Either Trump Republicans in Congress impeach Trump, or they risk losing Bank of America and face a meltdown on Wall Street.

Don’t hate, mass communicate.

Join the Prayer Vigil by Phone where ever you live. Simply get on the phone and pray for Bank of America Merrill Lynch for as long as need be to shut them down and save the souls of these rich, greedy devils who have not yet been brought to justice for the Housing Market Fraud that collapsed the housing market and left the nation $20 trillion dollars in debt while devasting home owners around the globe.

Call and pray night and day for their lost souls.

Exercise your right to freedom of religion. In the US, freely call the nearest Bank of America to pray for them and help shut them down. In the UK, Canada and around the world, freely call the nearest Merrill Lynch to pray for them and help shut them down until they repent.

Armed with our smartphones and the Power of Prayer, we can overwhelm their communications on a global scale, disrupt their international business network, cost them a bloody fortune. We can, and we will shut down Bank of America with our prayers for as long as it takes Trump Republicans in control of Congress to impeach this deranged, lying, cheating, criminal, traitor in the White House.

We will Never Quit and Never Surrender to the Russians and Trump.