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Jeffery & The Pink Triangle

By Michael Jay Tucker

He’s shit, of course.

Wait. That’s not right. That’s not fair. Shit is a normal part of life. We all produce it. In the right place, it’s quite healthy. Even necessary. And, once it’s treated, it can be an excellent fertilizer. Many is the rose wouldn’t smell as sweet without it.

So, no. He’s not excrement.

More like a large pile of toxic waste. Something carcinogenic, I think. Something chock-o-block full of lead or mercury. Industrial sludge in human form. An asbestos cloud with feet.

That’s better.

So, without further ado, may I present…Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III.

Attorney General of these United States.


As I write this, my browser is open beside my word processing document. I did a search for Sessions. The top hit for this year was this piece from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) site, “Under Jeff Sessions, the Department of Justice sides with hate group ADF on ‘religious liberty.’” It seems that our beloved AG has repeatedly met with and implicitly endorsed an organization known as the “Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).”

The SPLC defines ADF as a hate group. It says of the organization that it is “a legal advocacy and training group that has supported the recriminalization of homosexuality in the U.S. and criminalization abroad; has defended state-sanctioned sterilization of trans people abroad; has linked homosexuality to pedophilia and claims that a “homosexual agenda” will destroy Christianity and society.”

In other words, yes, folks, the ADF would love to see Will and Grace, or at least Will and Jack in jail. And as for your Lesbian neighbor, your Bi-sexual co-workers, or your transgendered son… you will want to give them a warm good-by. ‘Cause there could be a Biblically-based conversion camp in their future…and we know how well that works.

And, of course, this is only the tip of the ice burg. Bluntly, Sessions is leading what is beginning to look like a witch-hunt. They are after LGBT people. Right now, the campaign is taking the form of rolling back legal protections. But, in future…

Well…you do recall the Pink Triangle that Nazi placed on Gays in their camps, don’t you?


The question is, why? Why has the Trump Administration, in general, and Sessions, in particular, made the hatred of Gays and Lesbians and Trans-folk a centerpiece of its policy?

One could suggest that Trump and Sessions really believe that homosexuality is a threat to Christianity and Civilization. Certainly, in the case of Sessions, that might really be the case. He seems to be the sort of chap who could support that kind of mindless, dimwitted bigotry. (Say, Jeffery, old boy, out of curiosity, when was the last time you heard of a LGBT person up on a roof with 50 automatic weapons and a death wish? Just checking…)

But, maybe…maybe… there’s something more to it than that.

For instance, if we wanted to bring a little psychology into the game, we might play with the old stereotype of the self-hating or repressed gay…passing laws against the very things that he or she secretly desires. You know what they say. The more homophobic the televangelist, the more likely you’ll find them on their knees in the men’s room of an airport lounge.

So, maybe repression is at work here. Or, even just frustration. I mean, look at the man. Those ears. That block-like head. That gnomish little body. If anyone on earth couldn’t get a date…

And be really, really pissed off about it.

You get the point, I’m sure.


Still, even that may not be the end of the story—for even if Sessions really hated (or envied) LGBT people, he could easily hide his loathing and thus court the votes and the dollars of a powerful and energetic community that is doing rather well in the culture today.

But he doesn’t. He, and Trump, have been quite public about their anti-Homosexual Agenda. So, why? Why has Sessions…and Trump… made gay-bashing a part of this administration’s official policy?

Because, of course, it plays. It is popular with the people who voted for Trump before, and who will continue to vote for him no matter how completely the Orange One ruins the country. For such people, the LGBT community is all too symbolic of an emerging culture that seems to have no place for them. After all, the fictional William of Will and Grace lives well. The very real Ellen Lee DeGeneres is an out Lesbian, and a very successful individual. The transman Chaz Bono is light years from being a failure.

For the men and women who voted for Trump, and who suffer most from the transition to the Post-Industrial Economy… the success of LGBT people adds insult to great injury.


The point is simple. Sessions may or may not really believe the crap he’s saying, but it is effective politically. It is a way of kissing up to the Deplorables as a population. It, thus, makes just as much sense, and is just as effective, as mumbling about the Great Wall Of Mexico and spitting at Quarterbacks who don’t salute the flag.

Ah, but where did Sessions get the idea? He doesn’t seem to be a particularly original thinker. He is not the sort of fellow to come up with stuff like that, all on his own.

It just so happens we may have a guess about that as well.

Way back, years ago, when Vladimir Putin was beginning his drive to absolute mastery of Russia and the world, he was casting about for issues. Somewhere along the line, under some rock, he found one—anti-LGBT activism.

It filled many a need for him. It helped motivate the rural masses that were the base of his support, the men and women who had suffered most from the end of Communism, and who hated the emerging Russian urban culture that seemed to flourish while they fell. And, more, it was a weapon that could be used against anyone. No matter how heterosexual your enemy, you could always just produce some false witness who claimed something interesting had happened in a bed in the night.

Thus you destroyed your enemy’s power, and degraded him/her at the same time.

And doesn’t all this sound terribly familiar?

In short, where did Sessions/Trump learn the art of political homophobia?

Where else? At their master’s knee.

Or, if knees aren’t enough, then any other portion of Putin’s anatomy. It’s entirely up to you…


Caricature by Fir Na Tine