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It Wasn’t Just Russia

Fascinating article over on The Intercept this week. Check out Jeremy Scahill’s More Than Just Russia — There’s a Strong Case for the Trump Team Colluding With Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the UAE. In it, Scahill says that Trump and Trump’s minions may have colluded with Russia to get the White House, but it is a dead cert that they’ve been working eagerly with agents of governments throughout the Middle East — particularly the Emirates, the Saudis, and Israel.

In particular, says Scahill, it seems that those nations, plus Erik Prince (billionaire head of the mercenary services firm Black Water, as well as brother of Betsy DeVos) share a common hatred for Iran, and a deep desire to engage in a little regime change there. As such, a Trump presidency was very much in their interests.

It is a fascinating and terrifying piece, both as a text and a video. In it, Scahill argues that these contacts with Middle Eastern governments are at least as dangerous as Trump’s links to Putin, and maybe more so. He calls for a much more thorough investigation of the situation, and worries that Russia may actually distract from worse things going on in the White House and the world.

You can see Scahill’s video below: