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Isolation Almost Killed Us Once. GOP Wants It Again

Trump, says Dunn, is on precisely the same course. And, she suspects, it will have similar unhappy results.

But the difference is that in the 1940s, the Republican leaders repudiated Isolationism and embraced a vigorous policy that projected American power overseas, and helped keep the peace around the globe. Now, not only is Trump practicing Isolation as a policy, he is being assisted and enabled by the very Party chiefs who should be opposing him. “But where are the Republican wise men of today,” she laments. “…the patriots who cherish our republic and embrace its foundational values, who believe in global interdependence and American benevolence, who repudiate unilateralism and isolationism and yet who remain vigilant, as Washington wisely said, ‘against the insidious wiles of foreign influence?'”

Answer: they’re not here. Wise men and patriots haven’t been welcome in the Republican Party in a long while.

Which is tragic for them…and for the world.