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Is Biden History? And Harris Inevitable?

Interesting op-ed on the Washington Post site recently: Sorry, Mr. Vice President, it’s Harris’s race to lose in 2020 by Hugh Hewitt. In it, Mr. Hewitt argues that Joe Biden is a non-starter for the 2020 election. The former VP is just too compromised, he argues.  The Democratic nominee, he concludes, will almost certainly be Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.)

Hewitt explains to Biden why he can’t win: “Sorry, Mr. Vice President. Every day, oppo research on you surfaces, and it’s just beginning. No politician who got their start in the Richard Nixon presidency can possibly hold on to the two generations beneath the tail end of that era. There’s too much political ammo lying around to use on you and, unlike Donald Trump in 2016, you are not the master of messaging that he is.”

What will happen instead, he says, is that Bernie Sanders will surge in the polls, but that will terrify the Democratic Party Establishment, “…Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) loyalists will be fast out of the gate in Iowa and New Hampshire, and those wins will scare the wits out of Democratic elites, who will turn en masse to whoever wins South Carolina and the Golden State. That will be Harris. Everything but the hard realities of the rules regarding delegates is noise.”

True? False? Don’t know. It is certainly true the DNC and the Democratic Party elites are very fond of Harris. She represents them, shares their values, is a party-insider, and meets all the check-boxes on their profile of a perfect candidate according to their focus groups.

Ah, but there’s the rub. If Biden does fall, and Harris does get the nod…will she win?

After all, as 2016 showed all too clearly, just because the DNC likes someone…

Doesn’t mean the voters will agree.