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Iran? Or Russia?

The United States government was sure quick to blame Iran for two oil tanker attacks near Iran.  I fail to see where Iran benefits by blowing up ships that just purchased Iranian oil and therefore contaminating their own waters.  The attacks were on a Japanese vessel and a Norwegian vessel.  The American logic went something like no one else had the technology in that area to do that so it must be Iran.  Really, are you sure?  Do we have absolute proof that no Russian submarines were in that area at the time?  Did they rule out any and all Russian involvement in under 2 hours?  

Japan has been leading efforts to establish diplomacy between The United States and Iran.  It sure seems like the motive here is to erode relations and cause chaos.  I don’t know anyone that does that exact thing better than Russia.  

Russia has been also recently jamming Norway’s military electronic systems. This seems to stem from Russia being angry about recent Norway led NATO military exercises in the Arctic Ocean.  Also, in case anyone forgot Finnish Police raided an island suspected to be a secret Russian military base (in Europe) at the end of last October.  Russia always wants to claim they are up to absolutely nothing.  I saw Vladimir Putin on TV the other day angry about “anti-Russia sentiment” in America.  He said the Americans somehow always find a trail to Russia.  He’s actually right they do always find a trail to Russia because it exists and isn’t “anti-Russia sentiment” it is just telling the truth.  

In fairness, I should also mention the United States also has its own motive in this situation.  Iran is defiantly no longer selling oil denominated in United States dollars.  It is now selling oil in Euros.

 The United States petrodollar is supported/backed largely by worldwide demand for US dollars needed to purchase oil.  Now anyone buying oil in Euros from Iran isn’t financially supporting the US and can more easily avoid United States sanctions.