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Individual 1 Is Scared (for the first time)

Amusing article over on the Newsweek site. Apparently, Carl Bernstein (the famous journalist) told CNN that Trump is getting worried “for the first time in his life” because of Mueller’s investigation. The article quotes Bernstein as saying that being afraid may be a new sensation for Trump, because before this he could always bully or buy his way out of trouble. “He always could buy his way out, cheat his way out,” says Bernstein. But now, “He is boxed in by Mueller, and the people around him know that he is.”

And so Trump is revealed for what he actually is: a pampered rich kid who has made his way through life by intimidating or paying off anyone who got in his way. Only, then, as with bullies everywhere, eventually he came up against someone way tougher than himself, and now hasn’t the slightest idea what to do about it.

Trump…or, rather, Individual 1…must be particularly nonplussed because the stakes are way higher than in the school yard. Scut Farkus from A Christmas Story only got a bloody nose. Individual 1 could be looking at years in the pen.