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In Cold Blood

A gunman yelling, “All Jews must die,” stormed a Pittsburgh synagogue during Saturday religious services slaughtering eleven innocent people and wounding six… in cold blood.

                              By Marc Keyser,

The violence is escalating among Trump’s White Nationalist supporters.

President Trump said with his usual splendid stupidity, “It looks definitely like it’s an anti-Semitic crime. That is something you wouldn’t believe could still be going on.”

What is unbelievable is how Trump’s demagoguery radicalizes and polarizes people, and how his racist, anti-Semitic White Nationalism is dividing the nation and inciting violence.

Five days after a pipe bomb was sent to CNN, a network frequently bashed by the president, Trump tweeted that “inaccurate” reporting is partially to blame for the “great anger in our country.”

              Donald J. Trump       Donald J. Trump    


There is great anger in our Country caused in part by inaccurate, and even fraudulent, reporting of the news. The Fake News Media, the true Enemy of the People, must stop the open & obvious hostility & report the news accurately & fairly. That will do much to put out the flame…

5:03 AM – Oct 29, 2018

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There is great anger in our country is caused by President Trump constantly inciting racial animosity and violence then blaming the media and Democrats. Fox News is responding to the week of Trump inspired right-wing terrorism by claiming that Democrats and peaceful liberal protesters are the same as the Trump’s violent KKK-Nazi followers.

Trump’s attacks on the media have led to a bomb threat against CNN by one of his followers. Trump attacks the media for questioning his lies, then he blames the victim for the violence he incites.  Trump calls the press “fake news”, just as Hitler called the press in Germany the “lying press”. Trump doesn’t want a free press like CNN; Trump wants a propaganda machine like Fox News. The real “Enemy of the People” is this Tyrant in the White House.

The horrific shooting at the Synagogue is the nation’s most recent act of political terrorism instigated by Trump, but it may be just a prelude to Trump’s call for violence in the streets if Republicans lose the upcoming election.

Mail bombs

Trump suggested a string of mail bombs sent to his most prominent critics days before the attack on the Synagogue was a “false flag” event intended to hurt Republicans in the midterm elections… even though the man arrested is an ardent Trump supporter.

Trump tweeted Thursday the “fake news” media was to blame for rising anger in politics, and he lashed out in anger at CNN.

Donald J. Trump

Watching the events unfolding in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Law enforcement on the scene. People in Squirrel Hill area should remain sheltered. Looks like multiple fatalities. Beware of active shooter. God Bless All!

Trump and his Republican propagandists encourage the violence then blame the victims. They call for tough “law enforcement” when people are killed and injured because of the violence they incite. What hypocrites.  

Trump divides the country with his race baiting, he incites violence among his racist, Nazi Trumpenkriegers (fighters for Trump) then calls for “peace and harmony”. Trump does the work of the Devil then says “God bless” to the victims.

When one of Trump’s Tiki Torch carrying KKK-Alt-right-Nazis followers in Charlottesville ran his car into the crowd killing Heather Hayer and wounding 19 people, instead of condemning the violence Trump said there were “good people on both sides.”

Are we to believe that Trumps armed, violent paramilitary White- Nationalist-KKK-Nazis committing acts of political terrorism are “good people?”

President Trump has proclaimed that, “any acts or threats of political violence are an attack on democracy itself.”

President Trump is consistently promoting acts and threats of political violence at his rallies and on Twitter. Trump is a demagogue intent on destroying our Democracy to consolidate his control of the government. Trump’s only contribution to Democracy in America is to destroy it.  

Trump says, “No nation can succeed that tolerates violence or the threat of violence as a method of political intimidation.”

Trump is a demagogue who has built his entire political career on political intimidation and the threat of violence while promoting racism which has deeply diving the nation. It is no surprise that the violence he incites has reached the level of political terrorism. Trump has succeeded in dividing the nation and now he is threating a bloody race war in the streets.

Trump pledged to make an “aggressive investigation” that will bring the suspects to justice “hopefully very soon.”

So where is the Trump-Russia investigation that will bring those who collaborate with the Russians to subvert our government to justice?

Trump and his Republican collaborators in Congress have blocked, stalled, and undermined investigations of the Russian attack on our election process in Congress. They have instead attacked the Special Counsel’s investigation continually discrediting and threatening to fire Mueller. Why? The most obvious reason is Trump conspired with Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin to rig the election. Trump cheated to win. Trump is a Russian asset, a tool of Vladimir Putin. Trump is the illegitimate President of the United States and a traitor in the White House. Trump Republicans are collaborators. They are party to the cover-up, and every one of them must be brought to justice.

Democracy in America might not survive the Trump regime.

Julia Ioffe    Julia Ioffe‏@juliaioffe

It starts with anti-Semitic trolls and coded language and it ends in violence. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Two and a half years ago.

8:08 AM – Oct 27, 2018

Trump is openly inciting hate and violence, while the Republican Party has embraced the White Supremacists. Trump’s armed and dangerous, paramilitary Alt-right-Neo-Nazi extremists are now welcome in the Republican Party.  

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman “…warns Trump Is poised to disregard Democratic House Victory.”

Krugman fears that Trump’s insistent complaints of “voter fraud” are a setup to deny the legitimacy of a Democratic majority in the House should the party win in the midterm elections.

Those who don’t believe such a scenario is possible “haven’t been paying attention,” the Nobel laureate warned.

Krugman is convinced that if the Democrats win a majority in the House, Republicans will claim the election was stolen, deny the legitimacy of the victory, and create a “nightmarish political situation.”

But the greater danger may be that Trump is planning to unleash a bloody civil war in the streets of America to seize control of the government.

The assault on the Synagogue in Pittsburgh is not an isolated incidence. It is yet another of the growing numbers of outbreaks of violence from Trump followers.

Trump’s base of support is an army of the White Nationalists many of whom are armed and dangerous, violent, paramilitary KKK-Alt-Right-Nazis.

The upcoming election is a referendum on the Trump Regime.

November 6 Democrats are favored to win a majority in the House of Representatives, which will put them in a position to investigate Trump with a vengeance and begin impeachment proceedings… so is Trump ready to accept the results of the election, face impeachment and end up in prison? Are Republicans in power ready to hand over control of the House of Representatives to the Democrats who are going to investigate their ties to Russia?

Or is Trump’s Machiavellian strategy to unleash his army of armed, paramilitary KKK-Nazi followers, start a race war, and incite violence and chaos in the streets, so he can declare a State of Emergency, impose Martial Law, suspend the Constitution, keep Democrats from being seated in Congress, take total control over the government in the coup, and shut down the press starting with CNN… to “save the nation from the chaos and mayhem” he has unleashed?  Will Trump and his Republican collaborators attempt to overthrow the government?

Greg OlearGreg Olear @gregolear  

I think people are underrating just how colossally screwed Trump will be if/when the Dems win the House.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

We must meet the hate, violence, and political terrorism of Trump’s army of violent White-Nationalist-KKK-Nazis with love, and defeat their threats of violence in the streets with non-violence peaceful protest by phone.

First, we vote for Democrats on November 6th.

Next, we mob the phones and call Bank of America to impeach Trump.

A note of caution

Avoid large street protests and do not confront Trump’s Nazis out there armed with assault rifles. Instead join the Mass Phone Protest with millions of peaceful-loving callers mobbing Bank of America to force Republicans in Congress to impeach Trump.

Protest by phone. Call for free and peacefully mob the phones of Bank of America. Call in the safety of your own phone and put business as usual on hold at the bank to force Republicans in Congress to impeach Trump in order to keep Bank of America from going under.

Why call Bank of America? Because that’s where the money is. Because Bank of America is one of the big banks on Wall Street responsible for the Housing Market Fraud in 2008 that bankrupted millions of Americans and added some $10 trillion dollars to national debt. Because Bank of America Merrill Lynch is a criminal enterprise. Bank of America is a key player in the shadow government that controls our government. They have enough crooked representatives in Congress on their payroll to get things done. We need to break up his monster.   

Got a phone and a few minutes?

  • Call in solidarity until we have a large enough mob to disrupt business at Bank of America Merrill Lynch worldwide.

  • Mob the phones at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. They are a criminal enterprise, and we can kill to birds with the same phone calls. We can break up Bank of America Merrill Lynch and impeach Trump at the same time.

  • Take your money out of Bank of America. You don’t want to leave your money in Bank of America Merrill Lynch until the avalanche hits, and there is a run on the bank, and it’s too late.  

  • Don’t march on Washington, instead demonstrate out front of the nearest branch of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Make the news, help spread the word, and turn customers away.

  • Call anonymously risk free. You don’t need to travel anywhere or take time off work and lose pay. You don’t risk being tear gassed, beaten by riot police, attacked by dogs, blasted with high power pressure water hoses, shot with rubber bullets, or arrested and carted off to jail. You don’t have to fear being attacked, run over, killed or injured by Trump’s army of armed of violent KKK-Nazis. Just call Bank of America and pray for them… or curse them. Put the fear of God into Trump Republicans who control Congress until they see the wisdom of impeaching Trump and declaring his presidency illegitimate.

  • Organizing your own Call Squad to boycott the nearest Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

  • Activate people on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Get the message out. Use your smartphone to network and help the Phone Protest go viral on the Internet activating thousands, millions of protesters around the globe to join in calling and overrun Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

  • Start by shutting down one Bank of America branch to make the news, go viral and ignite a Global Phone Protest in cities around the world.

  • Financial markets hate uncertainty. Trump Republicans with money in Bank of America Merrill Lynch will join the protest and turn on the bank the minute they get the bad news. They will join us on the phones flooding the bank with angry calls and complaints wanting their money out of the bank… to be safe.  

In order to speak to power, we must first be in a position of power.

As the news of the Phone Protest against Bank of America spreads, the boycott on their phones will build until stock holders panic and start a sell-off that crashes the bank’s stock causing a meltdown on Wall Street… if Bank of America and Congress choose to test our determination.

We need to take it to the phones and shut down Bank of America until our voices are heard in Congress loud and clear. We need to start winning by making Bank of America lose money.

Mob the phones peacefully calling Bank of America Merrill Lynch to pay them back for the Housing Market crash of 2008. Cut off, brown out their communications non-violently and put their business on hold peacefully, cost them a fortune with calls that cost us nothing. Safely call Bank of America without running into Trump’s KKK-Nazis in the streets. Shut them down until Republicans in Congress meet our demands… or Bank of America Merrill Lynch goes belly up. Either way it’s a WIN, WIN for us.