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Impeach Trump…With Our Prayers

by Marc Keyser, The     

President Trump fired FBI director James Comey because Comey would not drop the Trump-Russia investigation… and that’s obstruction of justice. The Republican-controlled Congress said nothing and did nothing.

Six of the seven people James Comey told about his meetings with Donald Trump and why Trump fired him have been fired or forced out of the FBI. The Republican-controlled Congress said nothing and did nothing.

President Trump ordered FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe fired a little more than 24 hours before McCabe was set to retire — a move that McCabe alleged was an attempt to slander him and undermine the ongoing special counsel investigation into the Trump campaign and collusion with the Russians. The Republican-controlled Congress said nothing and did nothing.Trump is systematically getting rid of the heads of the FBI so he can end the Mueller investigation into charges against him of obstruction of justice for firing Comey and conspiring with the Russians to rig the election. The Republican-controlled Congress said nothing and did nothing.

Trump has revoked the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan for his criticism of the Trump regime and to limit Brennan’s ability to testify against him.

Brennen says Donald Trump’s oft-repeated claims of “no collusion” with Russians in the 2016 presidential election are “hogwash.”

Revoking his security clearance “…is part of a broader effort by Mr. Trump to suppress freedom of speech & punish critics,” Brennen wrote in a tweet.

Rachael Maddow is sounding the alarm. Trump hasn’t just obstructed justice in plain sight, but he is actively using the power of the presidency to hurt his political enemies and obstruct the Trump-Russia investigation.

While speaking with reporters as he left the White House, Trump blew up all of his administration’s excuses for the FBI firings and revoking Brennan’s security clearance by admitting that he is doing all of this to discredit Robert Mueller.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that the president is also intends to revoke security clearances for former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former FBI Director James Comey, former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok.

Trump admitted that all he cares about is saving his own skin, and any excuse otherwise from this White House is a lie. The Republican controlled Congress says nothing and does nothing.

Trump is moving closer to firing Rod Rosenstein who oversees special counsel Mueller, and silencing the Trump-Russia investigation before the November elections before Democrats have a majority the House of Representatives and can impeach Trump.

Trump thinks he can fire Rosenstein and appoint a flunky at the FBI who will get rid of the special counsel to shut down the Trump-Russia investigation. Why? Because the Republican controlled Congress will do nothing to stop him. Why? Because Trump Republicans are deeply involved themselves in the Russian conspiracy that put Trump in office and put our government under the control of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Trump Republicans in Congress are co-conspirators. They are all traitors.

But all is not lost.

There is a way to force Congress to impeached Trump and nullify every executive order and law he has signed and rescind every appointment he has made.

 The Phone-in Prayer Vigil

Together we call the nearest Bank of America or Merrill Lynch and pray for them. We hold a Prayer Vigil. We call and pray by the thousands, by hundreds of thousands, by the millions- and flood their phones with our prayers.

We have our phones, we have the Constitutional protection of Freedom of Religion, and we have the Inalienable, the God given right to Call and Pray for Bank America.

Join the Resistance Movement and let us pray together.

Organize a Prayer Circle to call the nearest Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Use your phone to social network, spread the word, go viral.

We are a worldwide community where all people, all religions, all faiths, all races around the world are welcome. Calling en mass, we are a force of reckoning; we are a might army of callers descending upon Wall Street trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.

We shall overcome, we shall rain down fire and fury on Bank of America and put the fear of God into Congress with our prayers.

Call and pray for this den of thieves at Bank of America, these ungodly bankers and stock brokers, these money changers in the great Temple on Wall Street where they worship MAMMON, and they are consumed by greed.

Call and pray for their lost souls. Disrupt their communications, put their crime syndicate on hold, and cost them a bloody fortune. Shut down Bank of America Merrill Lynch with an outpouring of Prayer Calls until depositors panic and start a run on the bank and investor crash their stock.

Either Congress impeaches Trump… or we call until Bank of America goes belly.

And if they smite you on the right cheek, turn the left cheek to the phone.

Put the fear of God into Congress. Either Trump Republicans in Congress impeach Trump, or they could lose Bank of America Merrill Lynch and face a meltdown on Wall Street.

Don’t hate, mass communicate.

Join the Prayer Vigil by Phone where ever you live. Simply get on the phone and pray for Bank of America Merrill Lynch for as long as need be to shut them down and save the souls of these rich, greedy sinners who have not yet been brought to justice for the Housing Market Fraud that collapsed the housing market and left the nation $20 trillion dollars in debt while devasting home owners around the globe.

Call and pray night and day for their lost souls.

Exercise your right to freedom of religion. In the US, freely call the nearest Bank of America to pray for them. In the UK, Canada and around the world, freely call the nearest Merrill Lynch to pray for them.

With the Power of Prayer, we can overwhelm their phones, disrupt their business, and temporarily shut them down. Call these greedy bankers Wall Street and these corrupt politicians in Washington to repentance… save their souls from an eternity of hell fire and damnation.

When you call, pray:

Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

We are gathered together on the phones to pray for the souls of the sinners, the money changers in the great temple on Wall Street where they worship MAMMON and are consumed by greed. They have attached themselves like giant leaches to national treasury. They bribe our representatives to give them obscene tax breaks and undermine meaningful banking regulation. They are corrupting our Democracy, bankrupting the nation with the deficit spending, bleeding the economy dry giving obscene tax breaks to billionaires, cheating the working people, and stealing from the poor.

May our Prayer Calls from around the globe hit them like a tsunami wave, flooding their phones, drowning their business, and costing them great and terrible financial losses until they repent, and Congress impeaches Trump.

Oh Lord give us the strength and the wisdom to peacefully protest by phone and call those who exploit us to repentance. Shut down Bank of America Merrill Lynch to convince these corrupt Trump Republicans in Congress to impeach Trump for Treason…or there will be hell to pay on Wall Street.

The more corrupt, powerful, and ungodly Donald Trump has become in his rise to power, the harder he will fall when we shut down Bank of America Merrill Lynch with our prayers and force Congress to impeach him and save the nation from this traitor, this Judas in White House who has betrayed America.