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I Love a Parade

William B. Turner

Multiple reports have stated that the so called president has ordered the U.S. military to put on a parade on his behalf.

Please tell me you’re joking.

This is ridiculous and excessive, and we should all call our members of Congress and express our strong opposition to this ridiculous idea. We should call on local and state officials to pass resolutions condemning this dumb idea.

We do not have military parades in the United States. Apparently the Donald saw the Bastille Day parade, sort of the equivalent of the Fourth of July in France, and was impressed. He allegedly told French President Macron that we would have to top it.

The French are free to have military parades if they want. The Soviets used to have military parades. The Chinese have military parades. The United States should not have a military parade.

This is a very poor reason to spend millions of dollars to ship military equipment to Washington, D.C. The Department of Defense wastes more than the cost of the parade daily, one suspects, but that is no reason to compound the waste deliberately by having a parade purely for the amusement of the so called president.

This is further evidence that Trump does not understand the character of the office he holds. Military parades are a legacy of royalty, when the military was an extension of the monarch, who would sit and watch the soldiers and ordnance parade by as a reflection of his personal might. That the French should celebrate the start of their revolution with one is at best ironic.

We abandoned monarchy in founding our republic. We should not allow the president to bring relics of a form of government we rejected to our nation.

The United States has had several military parades, in Washington, D.C., and New York, but usually after a war. The last one occurred in 1991 after the first Gulf War, which we won easily after a mere 43 days. Troops passed in review before President George H.W. Bush, a veteran of World War II who enjoyed parachuting into his 90s. Even then, roughly half the population opposed the cost and spectacle of the parade.

With a president in office who notoriously evaded service in the Vietnam War by claiming “bone spurs” as the basis for a medical exemption, it looks very much like just an indulgence of the president’s enormous ego and a mildly terrifying indication of his aspiration to metastasize the powers of the presidency beyond their constitutional limits.

We should all speak loudly against this bad idea.