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Hugging … and …

By Peter H. Salus

On Wednesday, 22 November, I read that John Lasseter, one of the founders of Pixar, had stepped down after “missteps” with staff.  I’m not taken aback.  Thirty years ago, John was a hugger.  (Unlike the Hollywood standard air-kisser or the ordinary hand-shaker.)  I was a recipient in late 1986, after the release of “Luxo Jr.”  In these parlous times, with a hands-on president, this is important.

After all, “three military personnel have been reassigned from their White House jobs amid allegations that they had improper contact with foreign women while travelling with U.S. President Donald Trump on his recent trip to Asia“ [Toronto Star].  Apparently, this was in Vietnam.

Of course, this follows four military personnel on the same White House team facing allegations related to their behaviour during a trip to Panama in August with Vice President Mike Pence. Those men — two from the Army and two from the Air Force — stood accused of taking foreign women after hours into a secure area. [BBC]

And, of course, we have Judge Moore.  But we know those eight women are fabricators.  After all, the President has pointed out that Roy Moore “totally denies” sexual misconduct with a string of teenage girls.  And the President himself has said that his own remarks about kissing and grabbing “by the pussy” were “just locker-room talk.”

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Peter H. Salus is one of our long-time contributors, and currently a resident of Canada.