Hucka-bye-bye - Liberal Resistance


Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the current press secretary under FART (Fascist Authoritarian Regime of Trump) will be leaving that position and the White House by the end of the month.  This is a woman that lies more than an old beagle.  

She will return to Arkansas from whence she came.  My guess, is she’s jumping the Trumptanic before it finally sinks. It’s probably safer for her to be out of coffee pot throwing range of Trump.  Most likely he’d have a psychotic range if he ever figured out she revealed anything to Mueller some 7 to 9 months ago.

However, It is also quite likely some trailer park in Arkansas has missed its mascot, and she will be returning to fulfill her long-standing obligation.  

Personally, I’d kind of like to see Anthony Scaramouch, nicknamed “The Mooch” make another cameo appearance behind that stand.   He only lasted 10 days last time but at least he was entertaining to watch.