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How WW3 Could Start

Before I talk about how I believe World War III could  start, I should discuss what happened after World War II.  After the end of that war, once Germany was defeated, Berlin was divided into four sections to be managed by the world powers of that time. The United States, United Kingdom, France, and Russia were all given a section of Berlin to manage and control.  Now, I started thinking about what is going on with those powerful countries currently.

The United States is currently the most divided as it has been since the civil war.  Part of this has to do with the fact that a fascist Russian puppet was installed in the White House through the aide of Russia and its cyber disinformation campaigns.  Let me not mince words: what happened in the 2016 United States presidential election was absolutely a Russian psychological operation carried out via cyber-warfare.  The United States has no current mechanism to rectify a problem caused by foreign hacking.  The Trump administration has also been doing everything in its power to destroy and remove the social safety net in this country.  This will become increasingly important as I discuss the economic outlook below.

On the other side pond, the British government is in major crisis trying to figure out how to comply with Brexit.  What has been vastly under-reported EVERYWHERE is that the Brexit vote was also tainted by a Russian psychological operation.  Once again, Russia wanted to cause division, anger, and install chaos into a foreign government.  I’m unaware of a political mechanism in the U.K. to throw out a political vote tainted by cyber-warfare.  This is a new kind of attack that didn’t previously exist and no mechanism has been established to throw out a tainted vote.  Before more damage is done I would strongly encourage Queen Elizabeth II to speak out condemning Russia and it’s cyber attacks/psychological operations and to stand firmly that she will not allow her country to be torn apart and manipulated from the inside by outside forces.  

In France the public is rioting in Paris to protest Macron’s government for the 19th straight weekend.  I get that protesting in France is practically that national pastime; however, the yellow jackets’ movement seems much larger and stronger than the usual smaller labor disputes.

The Russian economy is still challenged by the fact the oligarchy already has all the money, but overall Russia seems to be doing fine while watching the rest of the world implode from the Russian seeds of destruction it has sown across the globe.  A divided United States, a U.K. in chaos, the French protesting in the streets wanting to remove a corrupt government, and overall more divided Europe by the day relatively makes Russia stronger.

So, you might wonder, like I did what is happening in Germany?  Well, I Googled “Germany News” and the first thing I saw was an article about how people on the far-right were attacking the police and reporters at a rock concert.  Other places around the world like Italy and Brazil are also seeing a rise in the far-right as well.

I want to make it abundantly clear that none of this is “just happening”.  I believe it ALL to be Russian manipulation driven.  You might wonder what is my motivation for writing this article right now, if I believe this has been happening for some time.  Well, the answer is something just happened this last Friday and it had nothing to do with the Mueller Report.  Friday marked the point where the interest yield curve inverted.  In layman’s terms shorter term treasury notes started paying a higher interest rate than longer 30 year treasury bonds.  This is highly unusual and can be a predictor of a recession to come.  That coupled with the fact that the United States economy has been in expansion for a decade tells me almost certainly there is an economic downturn coming within the next 12 months.  Worldwide debt levels have become so high that I do not believe it can all even be paid back. So, I venture to say the next financial downturn has a potential to be a major event potentially causing a domino effect of unpaid debts worldwide.  It could be of such a large scale that previous downturns could look like child’s play. A financial crisis alone could cause the current worldwide political instability to grow exponentially.  The question isn’t “if” Russia has something planned for that event, but “what” does Russia have planned for when that event happens.  

Chris Madsen



Chris Madsen is a writer and activist based in the great state of Hawaii. He frequently writes from the unique perspective of his Pacific home. His opinions are his own.

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