Your Personal information is Compromised!


Were you one of the 50 million Facebook users that just had all your personal information/data/messages compromised?

I believe that the 50 million accounts that were compromised on Facebook were part of a government effort to grab information from private citizens.  Facebook has no need to hack its own accounts.  If they want the information they can simply look inside the personal accounts without even drawing any attention.  They would already have had access to messages, images, and posts.  This also happened right after a Presidential Emergency Alert Message could have allowed access to emergency features on everyone’s phones.  It is too soon to tell of this was a domestic government attack or foreign (Russian attack).  Actually at this point it may not even matter as the left hand, FART, and the right hand Russia/Putin are connected.  They are nearly the two sides of the same body.

When the cyberworld has become compromised and people disconnected from one another there really is no way to know if the other person read your message. Maybe they were busy or ignored the message, but it is also quite possible they never got it either.  With the FART  (FASCIST AUTHORITARIAN REGIME OF TRUMP) trying to grab more power anything is truly possible.

So how do we fight this and guarantee our communication isn’t being compromised or intercepted.  Simple, when something is important make sure you get confirmation that the other person got your message.

How does one do that:

Pick up the phone and dial someone’s number and tell the person directly.

Send an old fashioned letter.  Then contact the person via phone to verify the other person did receive your letter.  Or ask them to write you back in the letter.  There is no requirement to discuss the actual contents.  Or better yet mail a letter and a few days latter ask the other person if they received it?  If the letter has already been received there is no way for it to be intercepted at that point.

If communication must be sent via electronic form it is always good to acknowledge the other person.  Even if it is a simple “Thank You” or  “I did read that” or “ok”.  All though that is obviously not a guarantee.  If information is extremely important always send a backup letter containing the same information or repeat information when you see that person in person.  It is always harder to intercept hard copies of correspondence especially if no one is aware it exists or who it may be going to.  All mail sent through the United States Post Office has a digital image taken of it.  If simply mailing a light letter one is not required to put a return address on it.  Then the only information that can be easily derived from that image is that someone received a piece of mail, which is not all that unusual.

Make sure to discuss with your friends and family that when using social media/email your information is neither secure/private/ or guaranteed to arrive or be seen. If you feel the need to covertly send a message to anyone, friend or family,  or any Embassy/Organization that something is wrong (but don’t feel you can FREELY or OPENLY currently discuss it) then cancel an appointment you don’t have.  Chances are they will be in contact and then try and “reschedule” that meeting with you.

You can also suggest something you would never suggest something to a friend or family member.   For example if you detest pepperoni you can tell someone that knows you well you’d love to meet up soon for an extra pepperoni pizza.  They will most likely know something is wrong.  They may not know exactly what is up but it can be a signal that a face to face meeting is necessary.

Our Government especially FART and Russia operates in covert ways all the time.  So we might as well ALL be aware of this as covert information is way harder to track, understand, or put into context.   The United States has never dealt with a fascist/authoritarian regime like this. So it is important that we learn from the European countries that have. Trump is America’s expression of fascism.  Just as Hitler was Germany’s expression of fascism, or Mussolini was Italy’s expression’s, or Franco was Spain’s expression.

By Chris Madsen