How to End the Rape Culture (and have fewer Trumps) - Liberal Resistance

How to End the Rape Culture (and have fewer Trumps)

The potential solution to this problem is really quite simple. We have allowed rich, white, entitled conservatives for far too long to teach their sons that “Boys will be boys” in other words not to be held responsible for their actions. Basically that there’s nothing wrong with acting immature and a fool.

How about we start teaching young men in this country that “Men will be Men” and they should chose wisely what they do? That way others in the monied class don’t have to come rushing to their defense all the time. You see this in the frat boy mentality all the time. Parents that want to ensure that their boy never has to grow up. Somehow, and mistakenly, they have decided that juvenile shenanigans are cute. When really they aren’t. They are however the sign of a young man that needs to take responsibility for his life. Hopefully if we take this type of step we will then end up with less old rich white men that pout, scream, and rage when they aren’t allowed to do whatever they want without any consequences and talk about how people are out to “get them” when in reality it is just their own actions coming back to haunt them.

We really are experiencing a Far-Right Republican Paradox at this point in time. That is to say the more right-winged, religious, and “conservative” some of these people claim to be the more deplorable they actually are. Probably because they’ve lived a life where their privilege has prevented them from ever experiencing any real consequences for their own actions.

By Chris Madsen