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How to Block Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee…

…with calls to Bank of America

By Marc Keyser, TheResistance.Blog

Trump nominated a Trump Republican, Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Politicusa put it this way: “It Took Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Less Than 30 Seconds To Disqualify Himself. (link) In his short remarks following the announcement, Kavanaugh proved that he is likely to be nothing but a puppet for Trump.”

Democrats are outnumbered in the Senate, so what we have left is a last-ditch campaign to block President Trump’s pick for the U.S. Supreme Court.

We have no choice. We must force Congress not to confirm Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court, and that is going to take a new and different approach to protesting.

The Resistance is prepared to fight  

Prominent activist groups including Demand Justice, Indivisible, MoveOn and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee are already planning a week of protests at home-state offices of senators across the country after Trump announces his nominee.

Unfortunately, the groups are following the same grass-roots strategy that has failed to kill the disastrous legislation Trump Republicans have passed so far.

Planned Parenthood has held events across the country to attract local news coverage.

And Resistance groups are flooding the airwaves with ads, urging Americans to call their senators, hoping the outpouring will jam phone lines on Capitol Hill and sway senators even though jamming the phones of a politician has no real impact.

“It is game time; this is not a drill,” says an ad from NARAL, an abortion-rights nonprofit.

Demand Justice plans to spend $5 million in states with senators who might flip, with radio, television and online ads opposing Trump’s nominee. The group was recently formed as a counterweight to Judicial Crisis Network, a right-leaning group whose advocacy helped block President Barack Obama’s nominee from being considered in 2016 and supported Gorsuch’s nomination in 2017. The conservative group has also pledged to spend at least a million dollars for ads encouraging people not to believe Democrats on Kennedy’s replacement.

The protests seem to be more about convincing liberal activists that Democrats are putting up a solid effort, rather than actually stopping Congress from confirming a Trump extremist.

The challenge is to convince the Republican controlled Congress that it’s their best interest not to confirm any Trump Supreme Court nominee. The question is how?


                     Direct Action


Use your smartphone to call and shut down Bank of America and their stock brokers Merrill Lynch

The way to put public pressure on Congress is a Call-In against Bank of America/Merrill Lynch. Empower thousands, millions of ordinary people to join in peacefully calling to complain. Over communicate, block their phone lines and disrupt business at the bank, shut them down until Congress meets our demands.

There is no way for Bank of America and Merrill Lynch to answer the phones fast enough to clear the lines when thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of peaceful protesters are calling and jamming the lines… not just in the U.S., but in the UK and cities around the world.

The more Trump threatens protesters with his Tweets, the more protesters will be drawn to the phones in the U.S. the UK and cities around the world. It will go viral, and it will attract activists to join to calling and driving Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch into bankruptcy.

If people want to march in the streets, why not call Bank of America at the same time? If protesters can shut down a freeway in Chicago, why not shut down local bank branches?


Three hundred activists calling one bank branch of Bank of America in one city and three hundred activists in the UK calling one office of Merrill Lynch is enough to set off an avalanche of calls… from around the globe.


What can you do?

Call the nearest branch of Bank of America and social network. Spread the word. Help make the news and go viral on the Internet. Activate callers in the U.S. and in the UK and around the globe to join in calling and bury Bank of America alive in calls.

Inundate their phones, disrupt their business, cost them money- a great deal of money- until the Phone Protest starts a run on the bank, and their stock crashes on Wall Street.

Put Direct Pressure on Republicans in Congress to abandon their plans to stack the Supreme Court with a Trump extremist. Congress can refrain from appointing Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, or Congress can let Bank of America and Merrill Lynch fail and face a financial meltdown on Wall Street.

Make the calls now, don’t wait until it’s too late.