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How The GOP Will Celebrate St. Pat’s

It’s interesting the strange way things have progressed over the last several years. This is how my mind remembers just some of it.

This all started out around…

What is Russia?

Where is Russia?

There was no covfefe with Russia.

There were no deals with Russia either, at all!

Well there might have been some Russian deals.

Maybe one of those deals might have been to build world’s tallest building in Russia, but it ended long before the campaign.

Well it didn’t really end until long into campaign (but this wasn’t supposed to be made public).

Blame Democrats!

Blame Hillary!

Blame Obama!

Blame immigrants!

Blame Mexicans!

Blame Muslims!

Blame Jihadi Mexicans with prayer flags!

Build a wall!

Who knew human trafficking children was so profitble?

Putin said he didn’t do it.

So what if covfefe actually happened? It’s just covfefe.

Covfefe isn’t illegal…

Covfefe surely isn’t impeachable either…

What the hell is Rudy Giuliani saying?

Cohen’s lying now, he wasn’t lying about lying earlier.

Where I expect this to be headed shortly:

Blame the Irish!