How Stupid Do You Have to Be? - Liberal Resistance

How Stupid Do You Have to Be?

William B. Turner

It had been a while, but the air strikes on Syria produced the most recent example of a highly amusing phenomenon: the person who was stupid enough to go all in on the Donald, only to suffer bitter disappointment when The Mercurial One changed direction abruptly and did exactly what the worshiper in question least wanted him to do.

It’s hard to tell, but Alex Jones was even farther off his rocker than usual at the news of U.S. attacks on Syria. He was ranting and raving about how he had studied the geopolitics of the situation and that this was going to start World War III. Oh, and somehow, those wacky liberals had been “censoring” him, because he’s totally ready for prime time. Warning: this clip contains language that some viewers may find offensive –

Last September, of course, it was Ann Coulter, Alex Jones with a vagina in books, who had written a book fawning over the Donald during the campaign, since he echoed her xenophobic sentiments, who lost the faith abruptly.  Easy come, easy go. When he first made some noises about potentially continuing the DACA program that Obama had started, creating a special status for undocumented immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as children, and whom Coulter harbors an irrational hatred of, she dumped him like a hot potato.

This is very funny. It’s a distinctively “conservative” problem. Since “conservatives” in the U.S. are mostly Christian, they need a savior, someone they can worship. They attribute this failing to liberals and progressives, but we recognize that all political leaders are human and expect them to make mistakes. We weren’t thrilled that Obama continued the drone program and refused to prosecute bankers whose fraudulent activity contributed mightily to the financial collapse, but we were not all that surprised. No one wrote a book fawning over Obama in 2008 or 2012, and no one had a public meltdown when he did things we didn’t like.

During the election, stories emerged about the Donald not paying people who had done work on various of his projects. He’s on his third wife. Constancy and reliability are not traits one should expect from him. On top of the “conservative” bad habit of hoping for a savior to worship, the Donald might be the single worst candidate for such status in the history of the human race. To have believed fervently in him just because he said what you wanted him to for a while was an exercise in amazing stupidity.

But such are “conservatives.”