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House GOPers Deny The Obvious

From the Foxes Watching the Henhouse File…

House Republicans have announced that they’ve found absolutely no trace of any sign of collusion between the Trump Whitehouse and the Russians. You betcha. Not a bit. No sign. Completely innocent. Halos all round.

If it weren’t so tragic, and the danger to our nation so obvious, the whole affair would be almost funny. Here’s a band of crooks—and it is hard to think of the GOP as being anything other than a criminal enterprise at the moment—announcing that they’ve investigated the President, and themselves, and found no sign of anything illegal. The only thing that would make it better would be if they read their not-guilty verdict aloud…with a Russian accent. (“Da Tovarish, Ewu-ery One Here is Innocent…”)

Naturally, all this is going to come back to haunt them. Except to die-hard Trumpers, it is clear to everything with half a brain that they’re a) lying their heads off, and b) protecting not only the President but themselves. That will not help them when next they face the voters.

Thus there is more than a certain justice in it all. The little boy who cried wolf out of boredom ultimately paid for it by losing his flock. The Congressmen who have pretended not to see the predator at all, will also face the consequences of their actions.

But it could be their flesh, not that of the lambs, which will be consumed.