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Hooray for Trump!

by Peter H. Salus

So … as I understand it, Donald Duck is going to punish China by setting tariffs on a number of goods. And China says they will take appropriate retaliatory action.

So I looked at the stats (something Donald doesn’t believe in). Soybeans are the top export to China from the US. … About one-fifth of US exports to China consist of agricultural products. Most of the United States’ largest exports to China consist of crops or raw materials.

Well, gosh! Does anywhere else export agricultural products to China? Canada does! Canada, which Donald has (falsely) claimed has a trade surplus with the US. Canada mainly exports natural resources an agricultural products to China.

And China wants more.

So … Donald threatens to destroy NAFTA and levy tariffs on Chinese goods while Canada works on increasing exports of oil, mineral and agricultural goods to China. Way to go, Donald!

Oh, BTW, Canada is signatory to TPP, as is Mexico. The US isn’t.