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Hint: The Republicans Don’t Care

William B. Turner

Keep calling. Keep writing. Keep signing petitions. Keep demanding town halls.

But don’t expect anything to change as long as Republicans control Congress.

They don’t care. They have demonstrated repeatedly that they don’t care, and they have shown zero sign of changing.

They haven’t really cared since Nixon was president. The majority of the Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee voted against articles of impeachment against Nixon even after evidence emerged that he had grossly abused the power of the presidency to try to conceal his campaign’s involvement in criminal activity.

Obvious abuses of power by the president don’t bother Republicans as long as the president in question is a Republican. They ushered in the era of hyper partisanship by trying to remove a Democratic president through impeachment because of a far more trivial offense. They failed.

When their stupid proposals undergo review by smarter, saner people, they typically fail. Only when a Republican has nearly unlimited power to act do really bad ideas, such as invading Afghanistan and Iraq, become official policy, killing millions of people and wasting billions (trillions?) of dollars. That’s the one thing Republicans are good at.

They certainly care not a whit for the well being of the majority of the people who live in the United States.

They didn’t care how transparently ridiculous were their cheap excuses for not holding hearings on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee in 2016. They just doubled down on their absurd explanations.

They didn’t care how obvious it was that they were letting an incompetent buffoon take over their Party and seize their nomination for president. They were just too happy to have a rubber stamp for their vicious agenda, which does not benefit most of us.

They tried repeatedly to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which provides enormous benefit to millions of people, just because they decided to oppose anything our first black president achieved. They failed to pull that off outright, but kept at it through more surreptitious means.

They passed their hideous tax cut, which mostly benefited already rich people and large corporations, then immediately used the enormous deficits that cut created as their cheap excuse to propose cutting Social Security and Medicare, two major anti-poverty programs that do not contribute at all to the federal deficit, being funded through a separate tax mechanism.

Now, a major school shooting in Florida has produced an impressive efflorescence of political organizing by high school students, which any sane person should want to encourage in our republic, in the same way that Thomas Jefferson proposed an entire scheme of public education to ensure the best quality of leadership. Republicans live in fear of high quality leadership, since they have no capacity to produce any, so they know high quality leadership will cost them their power. Even more worrisome, the primary issue the students are organizing around is gun control, which Republicans cannot support because they get too much money from the National Rifle Association (NRA). The NRA has adopted as gospel an absurdly reductive interpretation of the Second Amendment as meaning that no significant regulation of the ownership of firearms is legally permissible in the United States. The Supreme Court disagrees. One former justice has openly called for the repeal of the Second Amendment as the solution to this problem.

But Republicans will likely continue on their present path, since they show no signs of learning or starting to care.

The only solution is just to get rid of them.