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Hell Has Frozen Over

Clearly, the end times are upon us. Nothing is right. Everything is turned upside down.

Why do I say that? Because I agree with, and am going to praise, an essay by George Will.

This is bizarre.

Now, George Will is one of those guys that I sincerely dislike. I don’t like his conservatism. I don’t like his attitude. Hell. I don’t even like his nasty little ties.

But, damn it! he’s got a good one this time. He may even have a great one. Over on The Washington Post site, he’s got an essay that every American should read, The second-most dangerous American. In it, he brilliantly…brilliantly…dissects John Bolton, our president’s new and improved national security advisor.

There is so much in this essay that I could quote. However, I’ll restrict myself to merely this jewel in the second paragraph, “Bolton, for whom a trade war with many friends and foes is insufficiently stimulating, favors real wars against North Korea and Iran. Both have odious regimes, but neither can credibly be said to be threatening an imminent attack against the United States. Nevertheless, Bolton thinks bombing both might make the world safer. What could go wrong?”

What, indeed?

The answer, of course, is everything. This is not an age of gunboats and big sticks. This is an age of nuclear weapons and nations which, as in the case of China, are our military equals.

And to have a Bolton running things…

Let’s just say that in this marvelous essay, George Will makes me seriously consider building a fallout shelter in the backyard.

It’ll compliment the coy pond.

The Little Professor