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Hawaii’s Sovereignty…and Trump

An issue that hasn’t gotten much national attention is that at least one advisor at United Nations has recently stated that Hawaii is a sovereign state occupied by the United States government and that the United States, as an occupier, should be enforcing the laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom and not the laws of the US.  Hawaii County councilwoman, Jennifer Ruggles, for the Puna District of the County of Hawaii has refused to vote for the last month because she doesn’t want to be involved in passing legislation that could be viewed as committing a war crime by the Hague.

Pretty much everyone in Hawaii received a text message earlier this year that Hawaii was under ballistic missile attack.  No one in the general public really knows for sure what actually happened that day.  There’s several versions of an “official story” that slowly evolved over time.  The first very unbelievable version was that “someone” hit “the wrong button”.

What I do know is that Pearl Harbor wasn’t bombed because Japan was angry at Hawaiians or Hawaiian residents.  Hawaii was bombed because of the United States’ military buildup in Hawaii.

With the United States heading in a fascist and authoritarian direction under “Trumpism”,  more and more people in Hawaii want nothing to do with the United States, its racism, its current level of extreme corruption, and its lack of values.

It really is quite simple: the United States as a major world power invaded small, sovereign Hawaii and then later illegally annexed it without a treaty.   On the world stage it really is no different than when a more powerful country like Russia invades an area like the Crimea to try and illegally expand its territory.  So, it will be interesting to see what happens on the international stage.  I will tell you this for sure: the people of Hawaii are tired of being a pawn in other people’s larger game.  Most people here want to live without the threat of ballistic bombs or war because of someone else’s actions.

This is an issue that Donald Trump probably doesn’t even have the brain power to begin to comprehend or handle.  This issue also opens up another can of worms.  Considering that the United States invaded and overthrew the government of Puerto Rico five years after it invaded Hawaii, has the United States also been profiteering by saddling Puerto Rico with so much debt?  It really begs the question of what is the true current political status of Puerto Rico as well?