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Hawaii: The Nation?

Here’s something from our resident Hawaiian, Chris Madsen.

America’s claim to the Hawaiian islands is not very firm. Basically, the Islands were taken without a lot of local support as the result of a white planter’s coup and a Washington-based conspiracy. And, to this day, there are those who long for the return of the original, first-people’s government.

Perhaps not surprisingly in an age of Trump, such people are being increasingly heard. One of these is Jen Ruggles, a community organizer and council member for the district of Puna, Hawaii. In a series of dramatic statements both in and out of council, she has questioned the validity of the United States’ occupation of the islands.

Will anything come of her stand? Well, frankly, given the more or less total integration of the Islands into mainland culture, probably not, but, still, her stance and her statements are interesting indications of what could happen when a nation has a completely illicit president…

I.e., Trump.

Watch Ms. Ruggles’ more recent statements below.