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Hallelujah for the NRA!

Last time we visited the parody music group, Parody Project, we did so with the proverbial tear in our eye. Okay. It wasn’t so proverbial. The tear was real enough. The Project had just done a heartbreaking tribute to the victims of the Parkland mass murder.

But, this time, we’re happy to report that they’ve got a very funny, and very good video on offer, “Hallelujah Parody – Letter to Wayne LaPierre, NRA.” Check it out via the embedded player below.

The piece is (obviously) a parody of Hallelujah by the late, great Leonard Cohen—the song that became the unofficial anthem of the resistance after Hillary Clinton’s so-called defeat in the illicit election of 2016. But, in this version of the tune, the lyrics have been brilliantly twisted into a “letter” to Wayne LaPierre, the fanatic who heads up the NRA.

It is very funny, and very powerful. So do give it a glance. And remember, you can support Parody Project at https://parodyproject.com/supportus.