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                         By Marc Keyser, author of the Resistance Blog

Valentine’s Day in the Parkland, Florida high school went terribly wrong. A beautiful spring day turned into a bloody nightmare when a former student armed with an AR-15 assault rifle opened fire killing 17 people wounding several others.

The teenager accused of the school shooting is a minor. He’s not old enough to buy a six pack of beer, but he purchased an assault weapon over the counter. Apparently, he passed the background check… even though he has a history of severe mental problems and was reported to the police repeatedly.

Students who survived the shooting have turned activists.

These teenagers are fed up with do-nothing adults who run the government. They’re outraged at the President and members of Congress taking blood money from the National Rifle Association to block any and all gun control legislation, and they’re determined to do something about it, so they launched a campaign to boycott the NRA.

In response to the attack, Parkland students got organized and inspired nationwide school walkouts, Capitol Hill sit-ins, CNN town hall meetings and a “listening session” with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence at the White House. But the real power of the NRA Boycott comes from the Phone Protest against businesses that support the NRA.

The only thing politicians care about is money, so the students decided to go after the money.

Outraged students, parents and supporters across the nation took to the phones and launched a denial of service attack on National Bank of Omaha… to cost them money.

Protesters not only took to the streets; they took to the phones calling First National Bank to jam the lines and disrupt business as usual… and cost them money. Student activists weaponized their smartphones. They started spreading the word on social media, and quickly activated a few thousand protesters to call constantly to jam the phones and force the bank to drop NRA credit cards… or lose money, a lot of money.

In under than 10 days, First National Bank capitulated, which convinced other big corporations to drop the NRA… because they don’t want this phone virus to infect their communications and consume their business… and cost them money.

First National Bank severed business ties with NRA after receiving what they euphemistically called ‘customer feedback’.

Angry Protesters from across the nation started calling First National Bank, jamming the phones and disrupting business. The volume of calls got up to the level of about 4 thousand a day, and that was enough to scare the hell out of the bank and convince them to stop licensing the NRA Visa card. The bank surrendered to the invading force of phone protesters in a matter of days… because they didn’t want the Phone Protest to bankrupt the bank. This is an unbelievable victory for the students and the Resistance.

Huge corporations that mix business and politics and support the NRA have been shell shocked by the Phone Protest against First National Bank

The denial of service attack not only scared the hell out of First National Bank, it is having a domino effect on other corporations abandoning the NRA like the plague.

Seeing what the Phone Protest did to First National Bank, other companies who don’t want to lose money want out. Delta, United Airlines, Best Western have cut ties with the NRA. They do not want an invading hoard of protesters overrunning their phones and laying waste to their business.

Along with airlines, car rental giants Avis, Hertz and Enterprise, the Best Western hotel chain, and the global insurance company MetLife. More than a dozen other corporations have severed affiliations with the NRA and the list of desertions is growing.

The Phone Protest against First Nation Bank of Omaha was a first… like the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima was a first.

It got the bank’s attention. The protest on their phones went off like an (EMP) Electric Magnetic Pulse bomb threatening to crash their communications and shred their business operations from the inside… costing them money.

The Phone Protest threatened to put them in the public spotlight focusing negative publicity on the bank, damaging their image. and raising questions about the security of people’s money in First National Bank of Omaha, which could trigger a run on the bank… that could bankrupt the bank.

The NRA comes up fighting back

Wednesday 2-28-18, President Trump held a bipartisan meeting with Republicans and Democrats calling for more extreme gun control measures than the Democrats were proposing. Trump openly attacked the NRA.

A day later Trump reversed himself and caved into the NRA tweeting:

NRA lobbyist Chris Cox claimed on Thursday, the next day, that President Trump had retreated from his support a day earlier for gun control measures after a meeting with N.R.A. officials and Vice President Mike Pence in the Oval Office.

Cox posted on Twitter that evening after meeting with Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence, saying that “we all want safe schools, mental health reform and to keep guns away from dangerous people. POTUS & VPOTUS support the Second Amendment, support strong due process and don’t want gun control.

Lawmakers in Georgia’s Republican-controlled House and Senate punish Delta for withdrawing support for the NRA

Georgia lawmakers are so committed to the National Rifle Association that they punished the state’s largest private employer this week for ending a discount program for members of the NRA.

The House and Senate in Atlanta passed a tax relief bill that stripped out a tax exemption on jet fuel which could cost Delta Airlines a $40 million tax break. Delta hasn’t budged so far.

The NRA is one of the riches, the largest, the most powerful lobbyist organizations in the country.

They are well known for bribing politicians and intimidate politicians who won’t be bribed. Who knew the NRA would be vulnerable to a Phone Protest against a bank that support them? Who could imagine and how easy it was for the students to activate thousands of people on social media to join in calling and jamming the phones at First National Bank to stop the bank from doing business with the NRA in a matter of days… costing the NRA money.

With less than 4 thousand people calling a day, First National Bank capitulated. The bank must have realized that if the Phone Protest was in the news media and going viral on the Internet, 4 thousand callers a day could easily become 4 hundred thousand angry protesters a day calling and completely crippling their communications, devastating their business, causing anxious customers to withdraw their money until the boycott started a run on the bank and left them bankrupt. First National Bank didn’t want to get run over by the Phone Protest and become road kill.

Florida Republicans just pulled a shameful scam on Parkland massacre survivors

The mother of one of the victims of the Parkland school shooting told a crowded room of Florida Democratic legislators that Republicans were misusing their concerns to push a bill to arm teachers… a bill fiercely oppose.

Teacher Scott Biegel who was only 35, gave his life heroically trying to save students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School when a mass murder with an AR-15 shot him down in cold blood. His mother Linda Biegel says “we are being used” by Florida Republicans because Koch brothers-sponsored Rep. Jose Oliva pulled an overnight switch, which would create a mandatory, statewide armed teachers program ironically called the “Marshall Plan” in Florida.

“I am vehemently opposed to the ‘Marshall Plan’ or whatever it’s called,” said Linda Biegel to the assembled members of Florida’s House Democratic caucus. “We went to bed one night and there was one thing in the bill, and we woke up the next morning… and there were a ton of amendments thrown into the bill.”

Republicans representatives on the NRA payroll tried to convince grieving parents and Parkland students to publicly support a very flawed bill that would undermine gun control.

Miami-Dade’s Democratic Party Chair Juan Cuba says the Florida Republican’s plan is their way to poison gun reform forever by injecting NRA ‘armed teachers’ bill into their Parkland legislation. They must be stopped.

If we let this disaster proceed without a fight, the NRA (with President Trump’s help) will use Florida, as they always do, as the model for national gun “reform,” as a way to sell more guns. This crazy idea of arming teachers will become a misdirection in the national policy debate, and a win for gun manufacturers. (

The NRA boycott must raise the level of resistance. We have to give the NRA and Congress a defeat so costly, so devasting that it force them see the evil in what they are doing.

The next target of the Phone Protest is Bank of America.


We need a bigger Phone Protest at a bigger bank that is far more costly to the bank and to Congress.

Bank of America is an American icon. Bank of America is a Wall Street megacorporation with more influence in Washington than the NRA.

Bank of America responded to the denial of service attack on First National Bank. Their official position is: “We’re joining other companies in our industry to examine what we can do to help end the tragedy of mass shootings,”

After witnessing what happened to First National, Bank of America is “re-examining” its relationship with AR-15 rifle manufacturers they lend money to. Good, but not nearly good enough. Bank of America can do so much more.

Boycotting Bank of America is an effective way to put pressure on Congress to pass gun control legislation.

We want Bank of America to tell Congress to override the NRA and enact gun control laws… Not because the bank cares about school shootings and gun control, but because the bank doesn’t want thousands, hundreds of thousands of protesters calling them and disrupting their business until the bank faces a run on the bank that could bankrupt them.

We have to make an example of Bank of America that will bring home to Congress the importance of passing gun control measures.

The best way to reach Congress is to call and shut down Bank of America and create a financial crisis on Wall Street so costly it force Congress to ban assault weapons and pass campaign financing reform to stop the NRA from making massive contributions to corrupt our representatives.

Bank of America along with the other Wall Street banks and stock brokers who could be next will be demanding that Congress solve the problem when we make an example of Bank of America and give them enough “customer feedback” to jam their phones, disrupt their business, crash their stock, and cost them money… so much money it could bankrupt the bank.

How exactly does a Mass Phone Protest against Bank of America work?

Call 954-227-6696

  1. Pick up your phone: Call Bank of America in Parkland, Florida and say, “I won’t’ bank at Bank of America until Congress passes gun laws and limits campaign contributions” Jam their phones can cost them money.

  1. March on the nearest Bank of America and Merrill Edge. Demonstrate out front, disrupt the business, and cost them money.

  1. Email by the hundreds of thousands and crash their servers. Disrupt their communications, and cost them money.

  1. Social Network on Twitter and Facebook: Activate people around the globe to call Merrill Edge by the millions. Trash their brand name, expose them for their massive political contributions that corrupt our representatives in Congress and bring people to the phones to join the Boycott and cost them money.

  1. Take Your Money Out, or Don’t Put Your Money In: Go in the bank to talk to a representative personally. Tell them you won’t bank with a bank that supports the NRA. Disrupt their business and cost them money.

  2. We must Speak to Those in Power from a Position of Power: The NRA Boycott brought First National Bank of Omaha to their knees. Now we need to bring down Bank of America/Merrill Edge until Congress stands up and takes on the NRA.

Bank of America is far bigger and far more influential on Wall Street and in Congress than First National Bank, and at the same time they are far more vulnerable to a Mass Phone Protest. Jam their phones, shutdown Bank of America, and it will have a domino effect on Wall Street, which will give Congress ever reason to meet out demands. No one wants a run on Bank of America especially Bank of America and Congress.

Bank of America can’t hide, and they can’t run.

They can call us names, they can try to ignore the flood of incoming calls, but they can’t answer their phones any faster, and they can’t stop us from social networking and activating people around the globe to join in calling Bank of America and their stock brokers Merrill Lynch. They can’t protesters around the globe from calling day in and day out every day and driving their business into bankruptcy court.

They can hold out, they can delay, they can stall; but they run the risk of the Mass Phone Protest going viral, bringing hundreds of thousands, millions of protesters, especial young people, to the phones not just here in the U.S. but around the globe. Merrill Lynch has offices in most of the major cities of the world.

The longer Bank of America holds out, the greater the risk that stock holders and depositors will panic and start a run on the bank… which Bank of America and Congress really can’t afford.


When Protesters take to the phones against Bank of America, the financial damage to the bank will become unsustainable and the pressure on Congress unbearable.

Congress can end the boycott by meeting our demands. Congress will pass gun control legislation; Congress will place limits on the obscene campaign contributions special interest groups like the NRA can make to bribe our representatives; and Congress will impeach Trump while they are at it.

It is merely a matter of how much money the bank wants to lose.

When Congress meets our demands, then and only then will we end the NRA boycott and stop calling Bank of America/ Merrill Edge to allow them to conduct their business unimpeded.

Stand shoulder to shoulder with the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland, Florida and join the fight for common-sense gun control.

             Call Bank of America 954-227-6696

Marc Keyser