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Green New Deal: More Dams?

Certain areas are water rich and already have some hydroelectric power.  We should consider adding additional dams above or below near the existing dam systems to help meet our current and future energy needs greenly while still properly regulating water output.  This type of added major infrastructure could be a part of the Green New Deal.

If a smaller dam was put downstream of Hoover Dam.  It could  create a small reservoir that could release a constant water output 24/7  and a constant electrical boost to the power grid with a modern hydropower generator.  Hoover Dam could let out less or little water during the day when solar is plentiful.  Then it could greenly and on demand meet the Southwest’s peak or night time energy needs.

There are other ways outside the box to do it as well.  We can make existing hydropower generators even more efficient.  We could add capacity through hydroelectric generators above the current water intake pipes or below the current water output pipes while doing nothing to the current turbines.

We could create even more precious night time power by moving a city, any like Las Vegas’s daily water supply into a reservoir only transferring water at night and creating consistent hydroelectric power all night long.

Baby Boomers could even retire in affordable condos not far from the newly created reservoirs.  We could have an American life and lifestyle worth living again.  If we can concentrate enough elderly in certain areas it is easier to open schools and hospitals to teach the services they need there too.  It can also provide employment opportunities for people from the community to provide services to the elderly.  That demand for services could help draw in workers from other parts of America where they were either structurally unemployable or structurally impoverished.   Sell it as the ‘New American Dream’ moving somewhere sunny and warm to get a decent paying middle-class job in elderly healthcare.  Sounds feasible and obtainable to me.  Economies of scale do exist. It is cheaper to have one progressive and growing city with excellent public and social services than to help the worst 1,000 people off in every other city and town across America.  Maybe the next great American migration will be from within to once again try and improve the quality of lives.  This is America if people are willing to move to improve their lives we should allow that to happen. However, if we adapt policies that increase internal migration we do also need to ensure people coming to such areas for work can earn at least a middle class standard of living and not fleeing from poverty to more poverty.   A minimum wage tied to that area’s middle class cost of living would be an excellent wage floor.