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GOP: Name Changed to “Game of Psychopaths”

Washington D.C. – Mitch McConnell held a meeting today at our nations capital today with many other Republican lawmakers.  Several reporters in the hallway overheard him discussing, “The American people have been successfully demoralized enough that it is now safe for us to allow some transparency and change our name to ‘Game of Psychopaths’.”

Many other lawmakers were heard arguing over whether or not it was safe to fully come out to the American public right now as full blown psychopaths.  McConnell insisted, “We will still be the exact same “G.O.P.”, its just out initials that will be changing”.  He continued on “Trump is still president it is clear in my mind many Americans clearly have no problem with psychopaths in high office”.

Mitch McConnell was even seen giving some lawmakers High 5’s that voted against any back pay for federal workers forced to work with no pay for weeks and said, “That’s how you do it boys!”