Goodby Weekly Standard - Liberal Resistance

Goodby Weekly Standard

The Weekly Standard, a conservative news and opinion magazine that has been consistently and honorably anti-Trump, is shutting down. There is some evidence that the Standard’s parent company had grown tired of the publication’s political stand.

According to CNN Business, the Standard’s critiques of Trump may have been an issue in its decline. It has lost subscribers and “butted heads” with its ownership, MediaDC. Moreover, “Meanwhile, MediaDC poured resources into expanding the magazine belonging to one of its other properties, The Washington Examiner. The publisher announced last week that The Washington Examiner magazine would grow into a weekly publication. The Washington Examiner is less critical of Trump than The Weekly Standard.”

The Standard will be missed. It was a courageous voice on the Right when there are few such. But, again, it seems that billionaire Trumpists and corporations are not going to let mere honesty get in the way of their political agenda.