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Good Stewardship of our Constitution

While it is difficult to amend the Constitution we must be aware that it is at the same time possible.  Never believe that there are not political influences seeking change, biding their time, working the media and thereby the masses to eventually achieve such a period in time that there would be enough single minded political power to achieve their goal.  Citizens must always be mindful of such a possibility and they must never forget that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  We must never allow our government to achieve the potential for such changes.  Although there are some good, principled people that would truly seek fair and just change for all, there are more unprincipled and with less moral and ethical standards that would seek to change our Constitution to serve themselves and those of their kind.  There is never a guarantee once the process is started, that the entire Constitution might not be ripped apart and opportunity, freedom and liberty ripped from the hands of the people.

There are forces within the political arena that seek to alter the Constitution by convening an Article 5 Convention of the States and although difficult there is much controversy on whether alterations could be constrained once called.  In January 2017 the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities published an article describing the potential that such a convention would be uncontrollable and as such vast and sweeping changes to our Constitution might be effected that would in effect destroy the principles America has always stood for.  Such sweeping changes have the ability to alter the rights of Americans, the rights to free elections, the rights to protest, the rights of equality, the rights to free speech, and of freedom.  Our constitution does not provide for ground rules for a convention.

Do you know our history?

Americans need to study our history, to understand how the freedoms we enjoy today might potentially be stripped from us.  Living in glass houses will not save us from sweeping changes if we ever allow the conditions for such potential change to come into being in the first place.  This is one of the reasons we must educate ourselves on our history, on the ethical personage of those we vote for and this is the reason we must jealously guard our Constitutional rights from all that seek to destroy them.

It does not matter if a few seek to implement better things, more concise wordage or slight changes that might help us today, because at the end of the day those small good changes might well result in the Constitutions destruction because there will be special forces, much like the special interest groups and individuals that lobby our political process, donate to our candidates and in effect, purchase loyalty from the elected, that are well-funded and powerful and will seek to influence the results and press for changes that benefit the few and the powerful.

The 1787 constitutional convention went far beyond its mandate of amending the Articles of Confederation to promote trade among the states.  The convention instead wrote a new governing document.  Can you imagine what might be written if it were written today? We must be jealous of our freedoms.  We must guard against the stripping of our liberties.  We must stand strong in the face of mass pressures and well-funded organizations.  We must work through the court systems and through elected officials to alter the laws that have been pronounced without actual change to our Constitution, which is the instrument that guarantees our liberties and our freedom.  Because as Thomas Jefferson said, “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.  I do not add `within the limits of the law` because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”  We must not allow government the power and the potential to affect any great and lasting change to the freedoms of the people.

When you vote, do you vote with understanding of the person, the party and the potential effect to the country?

Do not be fooled into believing that there are not people out there that do not seek self-gain, that are not without principle or forethought or care about our liberties if they personally stood to gain.  Witness the white supremacist movement that is currently reconstructing before our eyes with a president that refuses to debunk and denounce their ideas and philosophies and with a Congress that so far has refused to censure him or take any action outside of words to protect us from such a tyrant.  Witness the rising income gap between the rich and the middle class.  Witness the attacks on our education system.  Witness the lack of empathy for the well-being of the people via the attempted destruction of our health care.  The call to kill ACA instead of improve it, change it and work to reduce costs over all was not just an attack on America’s people, it was a way for the wealthy to gain more through tax cuts.  Yes, that sought after relief that so many believe will see them through to the future with more abundance and more money in their pockets.  This is true, for the few.

We must never forget where we have been else we risk repeating it.  We must not forget those men that have died for our freedom, given their blood for our liberty.

I myself am guilty in my lifetime of not having paid the attention to our government and it’s manipulations that I should have.  People are comfortable with life in America because we are the greatest country in so many and varied ways.  We have been conditioned to believe that what exists will never be undone and that we need only worry about that small little area that we are told we can effect and change.  We have been conditioned to believe that all politicians have America’s best interests at heart and that we could never be subjugated by the lust and greed of others.

Education is the key.  Without the knowledge of how the Constitution might be changed or if we think that it would definitely be limited to the small things, then we are more likely to not consider the greed and lust in the minds of unprincipled men when we are lured into voting our country into a situation where such changes could be made.  Many actually appear to believe that it could be controlled, that the people would have a say so, that surely what we have now, what American’s have died to protect will stand forever.

What we the people have, at least currently, is the power to vote.  We enjoy the power to select those that govern and make our laws and affect our freedoms.  We must guard against unprincipled men like governor Jim Justice who changed parties from democrat to republican after election.  We must strip off the damn blinders when we vote for our officials.  We need to look at their history, at their ethics.  We need to look at what they have done for a state or a people.  We need to look into the person and judge their character.  Yes, we must judge their character because these are the people that make our laws, that defend our freedoms or that work with the unprincipled to strip us of them.  The people must educate themselves so they are not easily lured into complacency and left whirling as our elected officials smile standing before crowds basically with their middle finger protruded towards the voters as they betray us.   It is a grave betrayal for a candidate to stand before the people and run for office under the helmet of one party only to have them reveal their true colors and switch after the vote.  This makes one wonder if any charges have been brought against Mr. Justice for his betrayal of those of the state of West Virginia and of America.

These are the types of people we must guard against.  Those that would betray the very people they are responsible for and towards.  We must protect our country against all comers that are unscrupulous and that even remotely might not have the public best interest at heart.

In a sense, Donald Trump has been good for the country, not literally but functionally as having a man with such moral lack of principles has awakened the sleeping.  His presidency has riled the people and caused us to wake from our sleeping state, some of us truly for the first time.  His presidency, I believe, will go down as the darkest days of America, even over shadowing the American Revolution.  His lack of moral character when it comes to domestic terrorism is well noted by the masses and the world at large.  His lack of care for the world that we leave to our children as he denounces the scientific data of global warming, denying it in the hopes of achieving self-gain and as repayments for the special interest groups that have compiled his financial courtship with our government.

More than ever before in our history, Americans must wake up and remain alert.  We must ensure that our liberties survive for our children and their children and those that come after them.  We must not go into the abyss that special interests groups might prefer to contain us in.  We must educate ourselves, we must vote with conscience and wisdom for the future our great nation.

We are currently in such a place that Thomas Jefferson’s words fit well “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

If we expect to remain free, if we expect our freedoms and our liberties to extend through the ages and be passed down to our children and our children’s children and further, we must not be complacent, we must not be without education because believe me, those that seek to oppress you understand what it might take.