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Good News For Us…In Future

Fun article over on Axos, Future foretold: A new America in 2040 by Stef W. Kight. In the piece, Ms. Kight looks at the demographic changes that are remaking America. In just twenty years, she says, America will be much less white as minorities become the majority. And here’s the good news for us on that score, “The white evangelical and non-college male voters who helped propel Donald Trump to the presidency will likely be losing their power.”

That’s the good news. The bad, she notes, is that we have no idea if an America governed by minorities will be more fair than one that isn’t. There is no reason to assume that a U.S.A. run by Hispanic-Americans or Sino-Americans will be better than the one we’ve got.

Still, it is an interesting idea. And we can seriously hope that the new nation coming will do a better job at ruling than the one that’s exiting.

Her other predictions include that older people will outnumber younger ones (declining birthrate), more Americans will practice Islam than Judaism, and  the vast, vast majority of Americans will live in urban areas rather than rural (another plus for us, since rural areas voted for Trump).