Going Full Nazi - Liberal Resistance

Going Full Nazi

By William B. Turner

Paul Ryan has at least two declared Democrats running against him in 2018. He also has a Republican opponent, Paul Nehlen, who is running against Ryan for the second time.

As the Daily Banter has reported, Nehlen has already gone full Nazi, accusing a Jewish person on Twitter of “pretending” to be “white” “for purposes of undermining whites.”

The author of the Daily Banter article reports that his mother in law bragged about having voted for the Donald Trump and that he told his wife that as a result, he would never speak to her again. By way of explanation, he told his wife that no matter where they start, white nationalists always end up hating Jews eventually, and his mother in law would end up hating her Jewish son in law and her Jewish grandchildren because such is the logic of white nationalism – a roving sense of grievance that always gets couched in terms of a ridiculous ideal of racial purity and supremacy.

Certainly in Europe for some 2,000 years, the default scapegoat has been Jews. It should surprise no one that the good Christians in Germany chose Jews as their primary target when they invented Nazism. Good Christians had been persecuting Jews for nearly 2,000 years at that point. It was second nature to them.

We are far from immune to this malady in the United States. Anti-Semitism is usually less prominent in the United States, however, because here we have another class that is even easier to target – African Americans. Just as white nationalists in general will always end up hating Jews, so, in the United States, they will end up hating African Americans. The Ku Klux Klan primarily targeted African Americans, but they also hated Jews. Such is the logic of “white supremacy.”

For whatever reason, Nehlen started with Jews, but it is only a matter of time before some event gives him the opportunity to deliver himself of his opinions about African Americans, and it will not be pretty.

We frequently articulate the belief that the truth will out in the contest of ideas, but that is no reason not to help it along loudly and often by pointing out how disgusting and ridiculous is “white supremacy.”

The current whine is, “It’s okay to be white.” No one ever said it wasn’t. That’s not the point. It’s okay to be white. It’s not okay to be a “white supremacist.” As the primary advocates of the claim so often prove, there is nothing particularly supreme or superior about white people. Europeans managed to take over the entire world, but largely because they were notably lacking in any moral qualms about killing off whatever people they found on their travels.

Any claim of “white supremacy” rests on murder, rape, and pillage. It is not an impressive history. Such persons do not deserve to have positions of authority in the United States, or anywhere else. We won’t be able to keep all of them out of power, but we should do our best to keep their numbers as low as possible.