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God What a Moral Monster!

By Marc Keyser, TheResistance.Blog

Trump caves in to public pressure and ends his Family Separation Policy at the border.

Mr. Trump you lied again when you said, “We all very much have the same views, we want to keep families together.”

Why then Mr. President did you separate some 2,000 children from their parents at the border and imprison them? Why exactly did you keep your cruel, inhumane, disgraceful, fascist policy a secret from the America people? Why do we have secret prisons for children across the nation?




No Mr. President, decent people do not share you views or your sick values, and we are fed up with your incessant lying. Lying is a sin and what you have done to these children and their parents is a violation of human rights. It is a moral outrage.

What are we supposed to call you besides the “Devine Absolute Authority”, “Trump The Compassionate”?

How do you plan to undo the damage you’ve done to these traumatized children separated from their parents and lost in the system? How do you console the parents who have lost their children and may never see them again?

You do remember Claudia, don’t you?

Claudia Patricia Gómez Gonzáles was shot and killed by U.S. Border Patrol near Laredo, Texas. The 19-year-old child was coming to the U.S. from Guatemala in hopes of securing work to pay for her education.

You say you have ended the policy of ripping children from their parents, but have you made amends? What kind of moral monster would make such a policy in the first place?


Ex-ICE Chief says thousands of kids could be ‘permanently’ separated from their parents

“Once you separate those families, you run a serious risk that they’ll never see each other again,” said ex-ICE Chief John Sandweg, former director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The “long-term” or even permanent separation of families is a real ― and dire ― possibility as the Trump administration takes children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border under its “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

Sandweg said he found the decision to separate children, including infants, from their parents “shocking.”

“This president now has [Border Patrol agents] ripping babies out of mothers’ arms. That doesn’t make any sense to me,” he said. “Our policy [had been to] keep families together… at almost all costs because once you separate those families, you run a serious risk that they’ll never see each other again.”

Huffington Post reports “Process To Reunite Detained Children With Immigrant Families Is ‘Total Chaos”… Immigration experts say there is no system in place to bring separated families back together.

Rachael weeping for her children because they are not more…

A doctor who visited a detention center for children taken from the parents gave this report.

The small shelter along the Texas border to Mexico held 60 beds and a little playground for children. Rooms were equipped with toys, books and crayons. To Colleen Kraft, a prominent pediatrician, this shelter looked, in many ways, like a friendly environment for children, a place where they could be happy.

But the first child she saw was anything but happy. Inside a room dedicated to toddlers was a little girl no older than 2, screaming and pounding her fists on a mat. One woman tried to give her toys and books to calm her down, but even that shelter worker seemed frustrated, because as much as she wanted to console the little girl, she couldn’t touch, hold or pick her up to let her know everything would be all right. That was the rule, Kraft was told: They’re not allowed to touch the children.

“The really devastating thing was that we all knew what was going on with this child. We all knew what the problem was,” Kraft said. “She didn’t have her mother, and none of us can fix that.”

The girl had been taken from her mother the night before and brought to this shelter that had been redecorated for children under age 12.

The little girl is among the multitude of immigrant children who have been taken from their family as part of the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” policy, meaning any adult who crosses the border illegally will face criminal prosecution. Parents are taken to federal jails while their children are sent to shelters where they are often lost in the system, Parents can’t contact them and can’t get them back. The government seems to have no idea when or if mother and child will be reunited.

Former federal ethics chief Walter Shaub responding to President Trump’s self-pity tweets:

Walter Shaub ✔ @waltshaub

(Trump) Dry your eyes and focus. Your problems are nothing compared to the problems you’re creating for the terrified children you’re ripping from the arms of desperate parents at the border. This is monstrous. Stop it. Stop it now!

Trump violates the human rights of children and parents with a cruel and inhumane policy then blames the Democrats. Now Trumps wants the U.S. to quit the United Nations Human Rights Council… is this before or after they have a chance to formally condemn the United States for committing crimes against humanity.

Madam Secretary why are you lying?

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen defended her agency’s role at the U.S. border with Mexico on Sunday by lying. She claims there was no family separation policy.

We do not have a policy of separating families at the border,” she continued. “Period.”

That Madam Secretary is a lie.

Now she has issued a new policy to keep families together… after lying and saying the families were not separated. Now instead of Kiddy Prisons, the Trump regime will have Family Prisons, how humane, how compassionate?

Zero Tolerance for President Trump

How do we get rid of this Moral Monster in the White House?

Call Bank of America/Merrill Edge, disrupt business, cost them money until Congress meets our demands… or Congress loses Bank of America.

We the People must send a message the Trump Republicans in Congress are capable of understanding.

CALL-IN: Call Bank of America and occupy their phones. Put their business on hold and send a message to Congress. Congress will meet our demands… or Congress could lose Bank of America. Occupy and interrupt business.

DIE-IN: Lie down inside the nearest branch of Bank of America make yourself comfortable. Take up floor space. Line up in front so customers must wait for hours to get into the bank.

SOCIAL NETWORK: Get on your smartphone, go viral, and bring enough protesters to the phones to put Bank of America out of business.


OCCUPY THE PHONES IN SOLIDARITY: Call en mass, put a chokehold on the bank’s communications, and put business on hold. Shut down Bank of America/Merrill Edge and show Congress we mean business.

Force Congress to save the children and impeach the President… to save Bank of America from going under.

We will Occupy the Phones: we will bury Bank of America under an avalanche of phone calls. It’s only a matter of time until stockholders panic and start dumping their stock and depositors want they money back and start a run on the bank.

  • Congress will pass comprehensive immigration laws that are humane and protect Human Rights and safe guards our immigrant workforce that the provides the labor to keeps our agriculture and food industry the most productive in the world.

  • Congress will pass common-sense gun control.

  • Congress will put an end to campaign contribution by special interests to buy legislative favors.

  • Congress will protect the Trump-Russia investigation.

  • Congress will impeach Trump.

  • Congress will acknowledge the fact that the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin manipulated the election to help Trump win and the results are therefore invalid. Trump committed treason to win and that makes Hillary Clinton is rightful winner of the presidential race.

Or Congress can risk losing Bank of America/Merrill Edge and face a financial melt-down on Wall Street. It’s their choice.

Join the Resistance Call for Action

Call in solidarity and put business on hold at Bank of America. All Congress has to do is do the right thing to save Bank of America from going bankrupt.