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Trump’s $1.50 a Week Tax Cut for the middle America…


By Marc Keyser, author of TheResistance.Blog


How does the new Trump Tax Cut Work?

Koch brothers, Charles and David who own Koch Industries will save up to $1.4 billion dollars a year with the new Trump Tax Cuts. Charles said [that] will more than cover the cost of buying several more politicians like House Speaker Paul Ryan. 

who own Koch Industries will save up to $1.4 billion dollars a year with the new Trump Tax Cuts. He said [that] will more than cover the cost of buying several more politicians like House Speaker Paul Ryan. The Koch brothers donated $500,000 to Ryan for his vote on the Trump Tax bill that saves them $1.4 billion dollars a year. (see:

What’s wrong with the Trump Tax Cut?

Two billionaires get an extra $1.4 billion dollars in their paycheck, and a secretary at a public school gets an extra $1.50 a week in her paycheck. That’s what wrong with the Trump tax bill!

After the backlash, Ryan quickly deleted the tweet. He unwittingly highlighted that this tax bill does nothing of substance for the 47% at the bottom. What it does is give outrageous billion-dollar tax breaks to billionaires and the astronomically-rich corporation they own.

The Trump tax bill explodes the deficit by an estimated $1.5 trillion dollars with its massive giveaways to the wealthy, while stiffing the working class. This is a giant step towards turning America into an oligarchy of extreme wealth in the hands of a small minority of filthy rich billionaires while taxing the middle class to pay for it.


“You are seeing in the United States Senate on the Republican side of the aisle, with this tax legislation, is the ugliest display of pigs at the trough that I have ever seen in Congress, and I mean EVER.”                

Lawrence O’Donnell The Last Word  


The nation’s wealth does not, by right, belong to the wealthy. The rich and powerful have hijacked the distribution of wealth in America so it flows to them.

Instead of another French Revolution where the masses of people starving in the streets sent rich, arrogant aristocrats to the guillotine to cut off the heads, we need a Progressive Revolution of Economic Equality. We need to cut off the egregious tax breaks for the rich aristocracy… not their heads. We need to raise taxes on the obscenely rich to pay for real, substantial tax cuts for average Americans. We need to eliminate the billionaire aristocracy in America by taxing them down to lower-level millionaires.

We need to give tax breaks to the middle class and strengthen social services for the elderly and the poor. We need a Progress Tax and social justice.

The obscenely rich 1% control 90% of the wealth in America while 47% at bottom live in dire poverty. Congress just gave the richest 1% the biggest tax break in the nation’s history devastating the middle class and robbing the poor to pay for it. This is class war; it must be fought and won.

Why are the rich so rich?

The rich are rich not through hard work and industry. The rich are rich, because the rich don’t pay their share of taxes… that’s why. The rich keep getting rich by making the working class pay a greater share of the taxes. Why are the middle class so far in debt, so economically stressed, because they are paying the taxes that rich should be paying. Why are the poor so poor, because the government is starving social services to pay for the deficits that tax breaks for the rich create.

The rich are rich, because they bribe our representatives who pass the tax laws that distribute the wealth to the wealthy in exchange for campaign contributions.

The tax system is rigged.

The rich bribe our representatives in Washington with large campaign contributions. In exchange, our representatives concoct tax laws full of tax cuts, subsidies, and loopholes for the rich who bribe them. The rich have corrupted our system of representative government and turned America into welfare state for the rich by shifting the tax burden to the middle class who seem powerless to stop it.

Meet the new Trump Tax

·      A working family with an income of 25k a year gets a $100-dollar tax cut. President Trump gets an estimated $22.6 billion-dollar tax cut.

·      The average family in America lives paycheck to paycheck with little hope of leaving much to their children. The Trump children save $1 billion in inheritance taxes.

·      But higher health care premiums will cancel out the tax cut for those buying insurance on the Affordable Care Act exchanges without government subsidies. For someone earning $63,600 and not getting a tax credit, that would mean paying $862 more for insurance. That’s almost as much as $910 tax savings that same taxpayer would receive.

·      This $1.2 trillion-dollar tax cut for billionaires and their rich corporations adds $1.5 trillion to the $21 trillion-dollar national debt- which is already dangerously high and threatening the stability of our economy.

·      House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) helps pass the Trump Tax bill for the rich that adds $1.5 trillion to national debt then turns around and claims the government is broke so we have to make drastic cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medical to pay for it. Meanwhile he pockets a $500,000 donation from the Koch Brothers for doing their bidding.

·      The Republican plan is simple: Cheat the middle class, rob from the elderly and the poor, and increase the national debt $1.5 trillion to pay for a gigantic tax cuts for the obscenely rich in exchange for campaign contributions.

·      One Republican talking point is this massive tax cut for big corporations creates jobs. However, many of the new jobs are for robots. Walmart is switching to automated checkout firing checkout clerks eliminating jobs. They have robots that assemble cars, and now they are coming out with robots that flip burgers.

The America people deserve a tax break

…but why on earth give the rich and their rich corporations the most massive tax cut in the nation’s history just so a hard-working school secretary can get an extra buck fifty a week in her paycheck?

Why on earth should 47% of Americans at the bottom struggling in poverty give a trillion-dollar tax break to a small handful of the obscenely rich at the top?

Workers earning over $70,000 a year save about $1,000, which makes sense; but why should Bank of America get a $3 billion-dollar tax cut?

The American people are entitled to Social Security, Medicare and Medical. Why on earth should their meager benefits be cut to pay for this trillion-dollar tax giveaway to the a tiny minority of the richest people in America?

Give the People the tax break; and tax the hell out of the rich to pay for it.

Under the Constitution, we have a Progressive Income Tax System based on the democratic ideal that those who make more should pay more in taxes for the support of the government and for the common good.

In reality, our representatives have made it an unconstitutional Regressive Tax System where those who have infinitely more wealth pay infinitely less in taxes than ordinary people. The working Americans do the work and pay their taxes; but they are also forced to pay the taxes that the rich don’t have to pay thanks to the Trump Tax Cut.

This regressive, unjust, corrupt tax system must be overturned. This tax rip-off centralizes money in the hands of wealthy few at the expense of the many, and it must be overturned. The distribution of wealth does not go to the People as a whole, but to the wealthy making the rich richer and the poor poorer while shrinking the middle class. It must be fought. We must repeal the Trump Tax Cut and place a Progressive Tax on the rich. Give ordinary Americans a tax break and tax the hell out of the rich to pay for it.

A cautionary tale.

Venezuela was beautiful little country until the rich robber it blind. Today Venezuela has the world’s most miserable economy. In most countries, getting a little money out of the bank is an errand like shopping. In Venezuela, for millions of people, it is complicated, tedious and surreal, or just impossible.

As Venezuela’s economy sinks to new lows, prices have skyrocketed, and the currency, the bolivar, has become next to worthless. Supermarkets and banks have become scenes of confusion and chaos: Are they open? Do they have money or food? How much can I get?

Inflation is so rampant — some experts say it ran above 4,000% last year — that it has devoured people’s salaries. Venezuela’s banking authority tells banks every month how much customers can withdraw at one time, according to an official statement. But the authority doesn’t make that amount public.

Venezuela’s politicians destroyed their economy, and our politicians are doing the same to America. Don’t think with these mass tax cuts to billionaires and the deficit spiraling out of control it can’t happen here in the U.S.

Congress keeps coming up with good new ideas to give more tax breaks to billionaires

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) said, “We are exploring what good new ideas can be brought forward in tax reform.” As though what Congress has done so far is not criminal enough.

Here is a better new idea Meet the Progressive Tax Cut

We want a Progressive Payroll Tax Cut for working Americans. We want a 50% cut in federal payroll taxes for all workers across the board. We want more money in every workers paycheck. Real money… not a buck fifty a week. We want take-home money here and now to help working families pay the bills.

The Progress Payroll Tax is money middle-class working people have to spend. That’s money that circulates and stimulates the economy. That’s money employers don’t pay out and don’t have to make cut- backs in hiring people. And we want Congress to raise taxes on the obscenely rich to pay for it.

The only tax break corporations should get is the Payroll Tax Cut

The Progressive Payroll Tax Cut gives businesses a tax incentive to hire people. It lifts the tax burden off employers for hiring people and increasing wages. The way to create more jobs and give job holders more security is to stop taxing businesses for employing people. If a corporation automates and hires robots to assemble car and flip burgers, they don’t pay payroll taxes.

Progressive Taxes tax the rich.

The average American is more of a slave to debt and taxes than the slaves on the plantations in the South before the Civil War.

The income gap between plantation owners and slaves in the South was not as great as the income gap between the richest 1% at the top and 47% of people at the bottom today. Fourteen plantation owners in the South who owned 90% of the wealth back then never dreamed of raking in a trillion-dollar tax break.

All the slave owners had to do was pay the slaves a pittance then tax their “wages.” This way the slaves could fancy themselves free and independent, and the slave owners could rake in the trillion-dollar tax break. Let the slaves do the work and pay the taxes, while the slave owners make the profits and take the tax breaks.

Think of America today as one great big plantation where the happy niggers at the bottom who are lucky enough to have a job do the work and pay the taxes for the billionaire plantation owners at the top. The rich plantation owners not only get rich off our labor, they get the big tax breaks that make them even richer.

The question is how to convince members of Congress make the tax code Progressive and Constitutional?

How do we The People force our representatives in Congress to cut taxes for workers and raise taxes for the rich to pay for it?

The old ways of resistance and obstruction are worn out and not working as well as we might hope. Signing petitions on line and marching in the streets isn’t putting any real pressure on Congress. Out demands are falling on deaf ears in Washington. We’re not hitting Congress hard enough to force them to yield to public pressure and pass Progressive Tax Reform. We must take matters into our own hands.

I remember my shop teacher in junior high school giving us these words of wisdom: “If it doesn’t fit, use a bigger hammer.”

What we need is a bigger hammer to hit Congress harder where it hurts. We need to cause them more grief and give them more resistance and obstruction. We need a huge hammer big enough to pound some sense into Congress.

Call Bank of America, cut their lines of communications… and hammer Congress




Simply call Bank of America and their stock brokers Merrill Edge. Join the war for Progressive Tax Relief and Economic Equality in America. Social network and help recruit an army of Phone Callers in the U.S. and around the globe. Invade the phones, call in mass, dislocate the bank’s daily business and give them a negative cash flow until Bank of American gets on board and demands that Congress repeal the Trump Tax… or Bank of America can wait until customers panic and start a run on the bank.

Why call and boycott Bank of America?

Because Bank of America played a leading role in the Home Mortgage Fraud that collapsed the housing market that created the worst recession in our history that cost home owners $7 trillion dollars in losses and left America with the largest personal and national debt on earth. They bribed Congress to bail them out with our tax dollars, and we owe them their just desserts.

Because when Bank of America speaks, Washington listens and because Congress cannot afford to lose Bank of America.

The Phone Protest against Bank of America

Calling together in solidary, we can jam their communications. We can call and tie up the phones with the sheer volume of our calls. We can social network and activate people on the Internet from all over the globe to join us in calling to jam their phones. Together, we can disrupt their business, undermine their credibility and destroy consumer confidence… until customers panic and start a run on the bank. Together we can literally talk Bank of American out of business.



Call Bank of America in solidarity, jam their phones, interrupt their daily operation and put their business on hold until Congress is convinced to repeal the Trump Tax Cut and tax the rich instead… not because our representatives in Congress care about Economic Justice or the principles of Progressive Tax Reform; but because our representatives will want to save Bank of America from going under to avoid an economic meltdown on Wall Street and a firestorm of public rage against Congress.

Our representatives who represent best the rich who contribute most, have sold out the America people. The American Dream has become nightmare for the middle-class and turned us into a nation that does provide decent paying jobs nor protect the aged, the poor, We the People are as nothing to those in power. We are the meaningless, marginalized masses; we are the workers who are here on earth to do the work and pay the taxes for the rich who own America. We are prey for the rich and powerful wolves in Washington.

When we Call Bank of America by the millions and cut off their lines of communication and put their business on hold, we have the upper hand. We hold the hammer, we are empowered, we can crush Congress like a walnut.

Protesting by phone, we wield immense power over those in power. We can curb the exploitation of the rich and the greedy and give working class Americans a Progressive Payroll Tax Cut that puts money in their paychecks and food on the table… and tax the undeserving rich to pay for it.








— You were told the Republican tax bill would cut your taxes.

But in the end, you may not have any more money in your pocket.

That’s because higher health care premiums will cancel out the tax cut for those buying insurance on the Affordable Care Act exchanges without government subsidies.

For someone earning $63,600 and not getting a tax credit, that would mean paying $862 more, according to New Jersey Policy Perspective. That’s almost as much as $910 tax savings that same taxpayer would receive under the Republican tax plan.