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Gen Z and the Failure of Facebook

Remember how Facebook (and Russians, and right-wing psychos, and conspiracy theories) won Trump the White House? That may be a sort of self-correcting problem. Check out Generation Z is already moving away from Facebook, and 6 more industries could be next by Rachel Premack on Business Insider.

Premack looks at several buying trends that marketing consultants have observed in Gen Zers (roughly those born between 1995 and 2010) and those who are coming after them. They have very different buying habits from both their parents and from generations who came before. Among other things, they don’t buy preppy clothing, department stores, cable TV, and a whole lot of traditional luxury goods. They grew up in a recession, you see, and get kind of antsy about reckless spending.

But one thing they don’t like the most is Facebook, which they see as a place for moms, dads, grandparents, and other boring people to hang out. They much prefer to use Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, and so on.

While Ms. Premack doesn’t cover this particular aspect of the story, Gen-Zers aversion to Facebook will have a political impact. It was, after all, Facebook which did so much to spread divisive and destructive falsehoods during the election of 2016. Things like Pizzagate simply wouldn’t have existed, or at least wouldn’t have had the impact they had, without Facebook’s vector of infection.

Admittedly, other social media could also be used to spread toxins into the body politic, but the younger Internet users seem much more cynical about what they see on the web, are more likely to question the validity of stories, and perhaps do a bit of Snopes-style checking. Plus, the newer social media platforms, having learned from Facebook’s problems, could incorporate more filters for fake news.

In short, with Gen-Zers fleeing Facebook, it could become the last refuge of declining populations of the senile, the bigoted, and the not-terribly-bright. Which may be a victory of the rest  of us.