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Franken, what do we do?

We got the following from our friend and contributor William Albee. Like most of us on the left (and particularly progressive men, who are feeling that we have no heroes left in light all of the sexual harassment allegations), he has been wondering what to make of the allegations against Al Franken. Unlike many of us, however, Albee has been articulate in his thoughts about the situation, and his even discovered another writer, Egberto Willies, whose thoughts mirror his own. He writes:

My reaction to the Franken revelations is well reflected in this article. In light of what the President admitted he has done, but not apologized for, Al should not resign. What he did is not equivalent to what Moore and Trump are accused of. Also, $17 million has been paid by taxpayers to settle over 250 accusations of sexual harassment by Congressional members and staff, and those abusers still have their jobs. I think the ethics committee needs to look at this one and issue their recommendations. Another big difference is that Franken acknowledged his behavior, sincerely apologized (it was accepted) and does not have a track record of similar behavior. If he were running for office, this might cost him an election, but since he has been there for more than one term, I think he should be judged on his record of voting for women’s issues and his behavior while in office. My opinion could change if allegations come out for additional incidents while in office.