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Fox Had to Disable Comments After John McCain’s Death

It is odd that we are still talking about John McCain, even now, some time after his death. Normally, a celebrity or political figure dies, is briefly mourned, and is then forgotten in a week or so. But not McCain, both because of his genuine greatness, but also because of the quality of his enemies. He was hated by people who proved his own honor and virtue.

Thus it was that soon after his passing, Fox News (an oxymoron if there ever was one) had to disable the comments on its youtube account due to a flood of abuse from Trumpsters everywhere. The man was not in his grave before they had queued up to insult and denigrate him. The Deplorables announced (with no evidence, of course) that the Senator was evil, a traitor, a villain, an agent of ISIS, and surely damned.

It was too embarrassing even for Fox, which is saying something. And, eventually, the “news” outlet had to step in and silence its ever more vituperative viewers.

Which says much about the Trumpsters and the Faux New viewers…

They are every bit as vile as we thought. And maybe more so.

If such a thing is remotely possible.