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Former Fascist Retires, Watching Handmaiden

We’re not quite sure if this is a funny story, a tragic story, or just a really weird story….

Anyway, it’s like this. Matthew Heimbach was the leader of something called the Traditionalist Worker Party. This was a far right, “third positionist” group that was supposed to represent the American white working class. Heimbach was a real go-getter in the Alt.Right world …young, personable, telegenic…and some folks figured he’d be the next David Duke.

But then…things got kinky. Really kinky.

Heimbach was on probation after getting into an altercation with a protestor at a Donald Trump Rally in 2016. But, then, he seems to have had an affair with the wife of his father-in-law (and Traditionalist Worker Party co-founder) Matt Parrott. Apparently Parrott and Parrott’s step-daughter (Heimbach’s wife) caught the guilty couple in full…uh, performance…and there was a predictable dust-up. When all was done and said, Heimbach went to jail for 38 days.

Now he’s out of jail and, or so he’s told the Southern Poverty Law Center and the online magazine Talking Points Memo, he’s out of politics as well. Talking Points quotes him as saying, “I decisively failed at my original mission which was to be a voice for working class white folks, and ended up in the middle of the most humiliating white trash spectacle of the year.”

So what is he doing instead? Well, right now, he’s watching a lot of TV. Vice magazine says he’s particularly fond of the Handmaid’s Tale, though he says that Orange Is The New Black might be good, too.

Like we say, we’re not quite sure how to take this story. But, we do have a suggestion. If Mr. Heimbach gets tired of Handmaid, maybe he should try something else. Say, a movie. Like, maybe, The Shawshank Redemption.

Something about common decency and all that…