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Force Fox To Fire Hannity and Ingraham



By Marc Keyser, author of TheResistance.Blog

Fox News host Laura Ingraham on The Ingraham Angle attacked Parkland student, David Hogg, and he fired back with a boycott of Fox News advertisers.

In the aftermath of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, Fox News host, Laura Ingraham viciously attacked the victims, who want sensible gun control, as “Stalinists” and “left-leaning speech czars”

David Hogg called for a boycott of Fox News advertisers and 26 advertisers have dropped out.

Red Lobster became the 26th advertiser to dump the show, according to The Wrap, after IBM, Mitsubishi, Allstate, Blue Apron, Slimfast, Bayer, Honda, Ruby Tuesday, Lib Mutual, Office Depot, Nestle, Wayfair, TripAdvisor, Nutrish, Expedia, Jos A Banks, Hulu, StitchFix, Principal, Atlantis, Ent Studios, Jenny Craig, Miracle-Ear, Progressive, and J&J.

The boycott just got a whole lot more crucial. The foundations are giving way. We need to force Fox to Fire Ingraham and also Sean Hannity.

Sean Hannity was livid the day the FBI raided the office and hotel room of Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s longtime personal lawyer. He said it showed that special counsel Robert Mueller was “out to get the president,” and he blasted the media for giving the raid so much coverage. 

“The media, while they are obsessing over Michael Cohen ― yeah, there are really important stories to bring to you,” Hannity said on his Fox News show.

The most important story is that attorney Cohen’s secret client turns out to be… of all people… Sean Hannity.  Hannity, the two-faced liar, forget to tell his audience that he’s upset about the raid because he’s under investigation along with President Trump.

Hell no! Hannity and Ingraham have to go!

We must take the boycott of Fox News advertisers to a new level to convince Fox to fire not just Laura Ingraham but Sean Hannity also.

My Pillow is defending Fox News, President Trump’s propaganda machine.

Forbes reports that My Pillow has increased advertising on the show by 625 percent since the week prior to Ingraham’s controversial March 28 comments.  

We need to step up the Boycott and send a message to advertisers that Fox is toxic.

The question is how to make an example of My Pillow and prove that under David Hogg’s leadership, the Never Again Movement is a force to be reckoned with.

The astounding success of the smartphone boycott of First National Bank of Omaha.

Parkland Students led by David Hogg targeted First National Bank of Omaha. The students didn’t boycott by refusing to bank there. They took to their smartphones calling First Nation Bank of Omaha to demand the bank stop sponsoring NRA credit cards. 

It was a Phone Boycott, and in less than ten days with only about 4,000 calls a day, this student protesters blew the bank out of the water.

Never have so few protesters armed only with smartphones done so much in such a short period to bring a corporate bank to its knees. They did it with phone calls. It was a simple Smartphone Boycott where students and their supporters just called to tell the bank to drop the NRA. The bank realized that if the boycott grew, the sheer volume of calls could brown out their phones, which could disrupt their business, which could be financially disastrous to them. The bank surrendered in a matter of days.

There were no arrests, and no broken windows.

The bank didn’t even try to claim this was a “denial of service attack” and try to prove that the young protesters committed some sort of crime in calling to complain. Apparently, the bank realized the potential danger in telling 7.5 billion people with phones “Don’t call the bank… because if too many people call it might cost the bank money.” The bank chose not to commit economic suicide.

Sending the message to billions of people with phones that they don’t have the right to use their phones to call the bank, is extremely counterproductive…  the news could bring millions of outraged people to the phones calling the bank with a vengeance.

The reality is people have the right to call and not do business with the bank. If any of the students had been arrested, it would have made them martyrs. Instead of four thousand calls a day, the bank could have 4 million callers (and growing) on their phones calling day and night and utterly destroying their business.

Any attempt to intimidate callers would light up the phones. Nothing is more inflammatory than telling the international community of billions of consumers with phones that they can’t call the bank because it might cost the bank money. The right of every consumer to call and complain is sacrosanct.

It’s a catch 22.

If the authorities publicly threaten consumers and tell people it’s “illegal” to call the bank, that’s an empty threat because the police are not in a position make mass arrest thousands of people who are simply making phone calls. Thousands of phone calls coming from the general public to the bank are physically impossible to stop.

Publicly warning people not to call will not only will bring more people to the phones making more calls. Customers who bank there will be afraid to call because the police might arrest them. The safe thing for people with money in the bank to do it take their money out and bank elsewhere, which will trigger a run on the bank.

It is illegal to target the bank with a “denial of service attack”; but that depends on how protesters deny the bank service. People boycotting by phone are not cutting the phone lines; they are not hacking the banks computers or flooding the servers. Consumers are peacefully calling to inform the bank that they are boycotting the bank. How can that ever be considered illegal?

A jury of adults who are on their phones day in and day out dealing with business would probably not be willing to give up their own right – and the rights of all consumers in the world with phones – to call and complain to those corporations. In order to protect the right of the bank to conduct their business and make money, the government must deny the right of 7 billion consumers to use their phones to call a business they have issues with.

This was a “targeted denial of service attack” on the bank’s communications. So why didn’t the bank file charges and have the students arrested and thrown in jail?

The authorities could have arrested individuals for advocating the Phone Boycott and urging their followers to call and boycott the bank; however, that would be like painting a target on the bank’s behind and inviting seven billion people with phones to call and target them before the case came to court. The calls might never have stopped and the bank might never have recovered.  

The students did their boycotting the easy way by smartphone.

Apparently, the bank realized that if the Phone Boycott continued, the growing volume of calls could disrupt their daily business and undermine consumer confidence to the point where it set off a run on the bank, which could bankrupt the bank and turn their business into a patch of pumpkins rotting on the vine.

The bank faced the fact that they could not stop people from calling. The police could not stop people from calling and having the police volunteer to come in and answer their phones for a time was not a viable option.

The bank realized that you just don’t tell 7.5 billion consumers around the world: “Don’t call the bank because you might cost the bank money.” That’s an invitation for millions, hundreds of millions of protesters in the US and around to globe to call with a vengeance and tell the bank to go to hell… in a number of different languages.   

The perfectly peaceful protest by phone.

There was no violence, and there were no arrests. Zero, nada, zip. The bank settled quickly before the disruption on their phones caused significant financial losses, before there was a run, and before their stock dropped in value.

By being reasonable and meeting the demand to drop NRA credit cards, the bank averted any permanent damage. There were no broken windows and the callers were not subject to police beatings, tear gas and mass arrests.

The success of the boycott was a miracle. The results were instantaneous and overwhelming.

Dave Hogg now has around 750 thousand followers on twitter… if he had been arrested, David could have 7 million followers on Twitter… and First National Bank could be buried alive in a bankruptcy graveyard.

There was no way on earth for First National Bank to prevent people from calling.

How will the bank know people are boycotting if people don’t call and tell the bank they are boycotting? If too many people call to boycott, and the volume of calls becomes excessive and begins to brown-out the phones at the bank, it will disrupt business and cost the bank money… which would be the bank’s problem. The government cannot deny inalienable right of 7 billion consumers to use their phones to call and complain just because it might cost one bank money. If the bank is not prepared to answer their phones in a timely manner and keep their business running, that’s their responsibility, and they must bear the brunt of the losses until they meet the demands of the protesters on their phones.  

In a Phone Boycott, callers are free from the threat of riot police, high-pressure water hoses, attack dogs, tear gas, police beatings, and mass arrests. There worst that might happen is you have to be careful not to develop carpal tunnel from pressing the redial icon on your smartphone; but other than that, it’s safe to call, it’s free to call, and it’s well within your rights as a consumer to call.

Activists used their smartphones to call the bank.

More importantly they used their smartphones to social network and activate thousands of other protesters to join in calling. These days, younger people are particularly adept at telecommunications technology. The new generation just discovered how to use their smartphones for social protest. 

Seeing first-hand the damage the Student Phone Boycott might have done to First National Bank of Omaha, other companies wanted out. Delta and United Airlines cut ties with the NRA. Along with airlines, car rental giants Avis, Hertz and Enterprise, the Best Western hotel chain, and the global insurance company MetLife followed suit. More than a dozen other corporations have severed affiliations with the NRA.

In under ten days, Parkland students boycotting by phone blew First National Bank out of the water. This is a victory for social activists that will live in history.

The Twitter Boycott.

Hogg responded to Fox News by boycotting advertisers to convince them to stop advertising on The Ingraham Angle. He put out a tweet asking his followers to tweet to a list of major advertisers. The tweet storm was unleashed and in a matter of a days, 23 advertisers have pulled their ads while the list keeps growing.

The Twitter Attack.

The fastest way to convince advertisers like My Pillow to cancel their advertising with Fox News is to call My Pillow exactly the way Parkland Students called First National Bank of Omaha.

If enough protesters are calling and boycotting it could brown out the phones, which interrupts business, which costs them money. The more the Phone Boycott trends, the greater the losses will be for My Pillow.  This is what First National Bank of Omaha realized and why they quickly settled… to stave off a financial ruin and a run on the bank. They did not want the news of the Phone Boycott to go viral and cause an attack by who knows how many millions of callers from the international community.

It’s crucial to take the boycott of Fox News advertisers to the next level and call and boycott My Pillow to force Fox to fire Ingraham and Hannity.

We have to make an example of My Pillow. We have show them the power of non-cooperation on their phones. We have to cost them enough money to make it worth their while to join the boycott of Fox News… assuming their goal is not to go broke.

CEO Mike Lindell defiantly tweeted on April 2nd “I did not take my advertising down from [Laura Ingraham’s show] and Fox News, nor do I intend to,” finishing with a mention of Sean Hannity in case his point was unclear.

Mr. Lindell doesn’t really think he can tell seven billion phone users worldwide that they are prohibited by law from calling My Pillow… because it might cost My Pillow money? Of course, the Phone Boycott is targeted. My Pillow has made itself the target of the boycott by supporting Fox News and increasing their advertising in response to the boycott.

Is My Pillow being denied service because consumers are calling to boycott them? Or do consumers have every right to call and complain, with the company’s responsibility being to answer their own phones? Do seven billion consumers with phones have the right to call My Pillow to not buy a My Pillow? Is Mr. Lindell prepared to deal with the flood of calls that can drown his business?  

Mr. Lindell claims that calling My Pillow would likely cost the business money. Does he have the right to deny 320 million Americans the right to call his business and complain… because it might cost him money?

Will he try to have the police arrest people who call My Pillow? Can the government tell seven billion people worldwide with mobile phones that they can’t call My Pillow and complain… because the calls could cost My Pillow money? Will the phone company shut off phone service to millions of Americans so that My Pillow is not inconvenienced? Or will such empty threats only make the boycott go viral and increase the number of callers exponentially?   

We do not want to silence Hannity and Ingraham….

As long as they are free to speak on Fox News, consumers are free to call and boycott My Pillow to set an example and send a message to other advertisers. Advertising on Fox News is bad for your business. Fox News is a toxic waste site for advertisers. Fox News will fire these Fox News liars… or Fox News will go broke.

Join the Phone Boycott to fire Sean Hannity.