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For The Fox Of It

By Burt Gretzinger

To hear Sean Hannity tell it, he’s done nothing wrong, of late. There isn’t anything seedy or corrupt about his vehement defense of the President when (it has emerged) he and the president share the same seedy and corrupt lawyer. Not only has Sean Hannity not, say, completely violated journalistic ethics, but Fox News absolutely supports him in his innocence over this non-issue:

Why does Hannity need Fox’s “full support”? Isn’t he like the right wing messiah, or some such? Isn’t he, therefore, above reproach? Aren’t the twinkling stars of the heavens sewn within his visage? Does he not float, untethered, above the madding crowds? Support? Such an ethereal being needs no such thing… he’s incarnate, is he not? He is his own gift to mankind; surely he needs no “support” from earthly entities such as a spin organization?

I’m embarrassed for Mr. Hannity. Lesser beings have deigned to rally for an unnecessary defense of his obvious majesty. Mere ants acting as soldiers… unthinkable! Fox has visions of grandeur! As if they matter!

They don’t: They’re like twigs offering support to a great stone bridge… unneeded, and ugly to beholding eyes (and to the one they hold so dear). This is a travesty, an assault upon greatness by the sycophancy of a lesser beast. I am truly appalled.

His Hannity-ness has been sullied, the god-head of his greatness debased.

Why, Fox, why?