Senator Flake Is a Flake

Flake The Flake

Senator Flake

By William B. Turner



Did you say something, Senator Flake? We couldn’t hear you over your actions.

So apparently Jeff Flake, Senator representing Arizona, a member of the Party of family values, the “conservative” Party, of which the so called president is also a member, just gave yet another speech denouncing the Donald, in very robust, manly terms, we’re just sure.

Um, every Republican Senator, including Flake the flake, voted for the recent tax disaster. The Politico story on Flake’s tempest suggests that it might roil the policy teapot, but fails to explain exactly how. Flake the flake freely admits that he is only willing and able to criticize the lunatic in chief because he is not running for reelection.

Granted, it is a stretch to call the tax disaster Trump’s policy. Trump has no policy. The tax disaster is a witches brew of bad Republican ideas that have been floating round in the sewer for years.

Trump just jumped onto the bandwagon when he saw an opportunity to enrich himself and his fellow billionaires at the expense of everyone else, his favorite thing to do.


But ignoring policy outcomes in favor of political theatrics is just what the Republicans want. Flake the flake may be willing to denounce the current Republican president, but he is still a Party hack at base.

The best excuse for Flake’s speeches is that he believes he is serving the best interest of the country in denouncing the Donald. Denouncing the Donald is in the best interest of the country. But at the end of the day, what matters is policy outcomes, and if Flake the flake is going to help advance the Republican policy agenda, then his words are empty. A complete waste of time.

Flake is a flake.