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Fire Houses Turn to Latinos, Immigrants

It used to be said that demography is destiny, and here’s an example of that truism in full swing. Whites are declining as an overall segment of the population. Soon, they’ll be a minority. That means there already aren’t enough young white males in America to handle the jobs they’ve traditionally done—like being in the Fire Departments of smaller towns and cities across America.

The result, reports the Washington Post, is that Fire Chiefs have no choice but to recruit Latinos and members of other groups. In Answering the call, Tim Craig looks at how in particular Western towns have had begun to recruit Latinos as the only alternative to not having a fire department at all.

There is historical precedent for this, of course. Fire and Police Departments in Boston and New York became Irish-American when there weren’t enough “Yankees” in town to fill the role. So, now, it is the turn of Hispanic Americans.

But, there will be significant political and social effects of this sort of transition. Civil servants, particularly in vital roles, have power. And they can use it to remake their societies.

Which may be very bad news for Trump and his Deplorables.

The Little Professor